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  1. At the end of the build sequence. Summary > Technical specifications > Towing > Maximum Coupling Point
  2. Tech specs for towing list the tongue weight at 330 lbs?
  3. The WeBoost comes with a DC power plug which includes a lighted switch. We have one in our TV, plugged into a DC power socket. The Olly has LOTS of these, perhaps one of those would work? They don't draw a lot of current, but it's constant and adds up quickly, so the switch is essential to preserve your batteries. We have the factory installed unit, but plan to upgrade to a mast-mounted antenna we can set up when parked. Will likely route through the dinette window and connect to the booster installed in the cabinet above.
  4. If you haven't seen an Olly in person, I agree with WhatDa's suggestion. Oliver set up a meeting with a local owner who showed us his rig, and we placed our order the next day. We elected to have ours shipped to Denver (we live in Oregon), rather than make the drive all the way to TN. Daniel with Painted Cowboy was terrific. Great communication and fair pricing. We were able to spend the next 4 weeks camping our way back home. We spent a LOT of time in the University section of this site getting familiar with the trailer. The YouTube tour videos were very instructive as well. Of course, this forum has been invaluable resource! I don't think we missed anything by not doing the orientation in person. Every interaction we've had with the Oliver staff (especially Phil!!) has been exemplary. The order, purchase and delivery process was super smooth and a pleasure. We love our new Olly!
  5. We'd already purchased the Rhino before we got our new Olly (didn't know Oliver would include stuff like that!). I'm new to black tanks and dump stations (had a cargo van conversion previously with no indoor facilities). After wrangling with the Camco, I can certainly see why it's referred to as the stinky slinky! Glad I didn't have to struggle with that one until discovering that the Rhino worked so much better. All in all, the whole process of dumping is far less trouble than I feared, and the proper hose makes a difference. I just leave the hose connected all the time, so far no surprises.
  6. Overland, can you post a photo of the improved faucet? I'd like to change out the spray head to the High Sierra, but can't visualize how it would integrate with the existing faucet (or any faucet of that type, frankly). If it nestles into the faucet body, the same way that the current one does, that would be fine with me, aesthetics are not an issue. :)
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