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  1. Trainman, My concern was similar but may not be a good match. The first night following our pickup, July 18th, we had the same concern. In our case we were able to return the next day to Oliver. As it turned out there was a part not properly connected under the starboard berth. They quickly discovered the bad connection and the problem was solved. We have been on the road since pickup and admittedly we have only used the propane once or twice, but it worked. I would like to think my situation may be helpful, but I can see it may not. Take care, John
  2. The previous posts have certainly provided excellent advice on concerns that arise at filling stations with our Oliver attached. My recommendation is to have a full tank on the day of pick-up and a predetermined open practice area. Have on board an adequate number of cones to replicate obstacles at, in this case, a gas station. Practice the arc you will need to negotiate "wrapping around" an object like a gas pump. When you get into a difficult situation your first reaction should not be to move the cones, but to practice backing out of the predicament. Remember to place cone(s) where obstacles other than pumps, like cars, may be. If you hit a cone it is not a big deal(but understand why) and you will soon learn the radius needed for curbs, gas pump islands and other objects. You will soon learn controlling the Oliver is not that complex. The fact that it is basically the width of your tow vehicle is a huge plus. The best to you. A week after pickup I feel you will ask yourself why was I so concerned. Take care, John
  3. KWRJRPE, It is always good to hear from a Nole. Joy and I got our start at FSU , and like you, it was a while ago! We were there during the Bill Peterson days so we have seen our ups and downs. Our graphics will also be Garnet and Gold. Hopefully our combination will look as good as yours. Oliver has certainly been working overtime with 57 new Olivers since April. Very impressive! Thank you for your response and hopefully our paths will cross on the road. J&J
  4. July 18th is the official day Joy and I will take possession of our new Oliver, #501, and hopefully become contributing members of this impressive group of owners. To give you a little background on ourselves, we purchased an Airstream 28 in 2011 which served us well as our vacation home on many wonderful trips. We are not at all opposed to dry camping, but we primarily stay in State and Federal campgrounds. The Oliver first caught our eye two years ago. We paid special attention to the ones we saw in campgrounds and we began reading what we could about them. The intensity built and one Friday in April we arranged to see an Oliver in person. We were so impressed with the quality, livability and the apparent nimbleness that we were on the phone with Rodney Lomax the following Monday. We digested what we learned from Rodney and the next morning the order was placed. Our maiden voyage will be about 2 1/2 months. The furthest destination will be Door County, WI, then drift SW to Bentonville, AR, meandering to the SE and then back to SW Florida by mid-September. It is important for us to get back to help FSU football get out of their slump. Once our curiosity turned to genuine interest, we have been following the impressive posts on the forum. We would like to thank each and every one of you for providing your input to the concerns of others you have yet to meet. Even though we have a certain amount of experience, we have found your input to be very informative - thank you. We will be on the road in a couple of weeks and rather than just admiring your Oliver, we may stop by to say hello. John and Joy
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