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  1. Thanks to all who replied. John I think that is an fine idea of using the bottle jack for lift and the stabilizer as a backup. Redundancy is always good when possible, I already have jack stands in my garage for axle work but not taking them on the road. Looking forward to Oct 1. Bill Thomas
  2. Did not mean to stir up a debate. Yes I saw previous treads about using the stabilizers. But yes now Oliver now advises against it. Even the new You Tube video Oliver posted shows a diagram where to place emergency jack. Because of that I am reluctant to use the stabilizers. I will carry a set of Anderson levelers for leveling the trailer. Used one for my previous trailer. Therefore I am looking for something compact to carry for flats and hope to never use it.
  3. Anyone carry a bottle jack in case of a flat? If so what size and brand? I have one in my Tundra. Have not look at the size but it buried under the back seat. Often the back seat becomes extra storage. Thinking of getting an extra and placing so it is more accessible in case of emergency. Counting the days till Oct 1st. Bill Thomas
  4. We do not have our Oliver yet. But I can tell you that this issue is not unique to Oliver. If you go to a Casita facebook or forum you will find pages dedicated to what sets off propane/CO detector. Conversations with owners of other brands will tell you it will affect any tightly build trailer. Some precautions to take. Maintain airflow, do not block sensor and vacuum the unit occasionally. Careful what you store on the floor. Be careful of the cleaning products used, especially on the floors. Some products will give off fumes for hours after use and collect once the trailer is closed for the night. Be careful using aerosol products inside your trailer. Put the deet on outside. Dogs especially farty ones and the detector often do not get along. Lastly some have taken to carrying a portable wand to double check the false alarm and rewiring a cutoff switch or pulling the fuse.
  5. If you want, checkout on facebook KC Metro Casita Owners. Even though it says Casita, there already is a couple of Scamps, two Escapes, and a future Oliver owner in the group. They are open to any fiberglass egg. Heck they even let Arkansas hillbillies in. Fine group of people.
  6. Yes, I have already been through my Toyota Tundra manual. Anytime I reach 5000 lbs they say to use a WD hitch. The Elite II will easily hit that with any water and gear. That is one of my concerns. I am use to a trailer is just over 3000 lbs loaded. Mr BigTruck doesn't even know she is back there. The only reason till now for the larger truck is all the camping "essentials" I have accumulated got to much to fit in my old Taco. Anyway I will assume the Oliver to Tundra will be similar to the Tacoma to the Casita so shouldn't worry that much about towing. But then I think about that extra 6 ft and some of the smaller campsite I have had to maneuver around and into. Based upon the feedback I am getting sounds like it is not as big as jump as I imagine. Bill
  7. I currently own a 17' Casita. My previous trailer was a 16'. I also have a 17' bass boat. I am use to towing that size trailer. My wife and I were originally looking at the 18' Elite. That stays in my comfort zone. Also I like being able to fit into some place the sun blockers can't get two. However, the Elite II increase in size has caught my wife's eye. My TV is a 2018 Tundra so it has the capability. Anyone out there have gone from smaller trailer to the 23' Elite II? Any thoughts or regrets? Understand the Andersen hitch is a PITA I will need learn too. Thanks Bill Thomas
  8. I am familiar with Little House Customs. Larry is no longer doing installations. He is still providing some of products for Casita customization for DIY. I can reach out for recommendations once I have measurements. Think there another person who picked up some of his customizations installations.
  9. This is a great community and the forum contains a great deal of knowledge. I have gotten most of my questions answered just by pursuing the contents. Not sure about the search function. I found related threads by accident that did not come up in my search. Really looking forward out trip to the mothership and tour next week. I really do not want a full side awning on the street side. I had smaller window awnings installed on my Casita. They work great and can be left up in all but major wind because of the small size. My question is has anyone added small awnings that just cover the side windows to their Oliver? Thanks Bill Thomas
  10. The receiver is just held on by u bolts? Checked the pictures and sure looks like it. I would prefer welding. I am not sure I could build my own. But will check on etrailer thanks for the suggestion,
  11. Thanks for the replies. Yes understand the forces at the back of the trailer. One of the reasons I have a 1up to protect my bikes. It is substantial and uses a expansion fitting instead of a pin. I would be concerned about any 1.25. For that reason I would be reluctant to go with a converter. Was hoping there was an easy mod. I am not that mechanical.
  12. We currently own a 2016 17' Casita. We really enjoy it but have gotten the Oliver Bug after seeing one. Trip to factory and tour scheduled for late next week. I see the hitch receiver from Oliver is a 1.25". That surprises me for the rear of an RV. Really want to use my existing 1up bike rack. 1up is one of the best bike racks on the marker and RV/Trailer rated. Did a search and saw someone had a receiver made for them in Utah. Wondering if anyone has modified the Oliver rear bumper to take a 2 inch bike rack? Thanks Bill Thomas
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