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  1. The emails I get about OTC drugs and Norton 360 tech support say I’m subscribed to them on “a” forum. Just click the link to unsubscribe. Naturally, I haven’t clicked on any link. Is Oliver aware of this?
  2. Thanks everyone! I sincerely appreciate your comments!
  3. Since I still haven’t been able to put all the pieces in place to move forward with purchasing an RV and when I do I plan on it being my LAST major purchase. As it stands Oliver (seen) is #1, Lance Lance (seen) #2, Outdoors #3 and I’m scheduled to see one Labor Day Week, and Northwoods Arctic Fox #4 or Nash #5 both sight unseen. I realize Northwoods owns Outdoors RV. Here it comes: I am curious how well the 2007 or 2008 OLE or OLE II are holding up after 12 / 11 years?
  4. I have approximately 15 years in retail, just as many in military service, and last but not least 20 years in public safety. I’ve been retired (at 55y/o) for almost five years, and have been considering downsizing and going small since. It’s me and two cats. In my youth (1970’s) we had a pop-up camper that we used over several years. In the eighties & nineties collected a lot of camping equipment but rarely used it, and eventually selling all of it. I have siblings that have “camped” for years pulling trailers here and there, and one of them now lives full time in a class B+ and is stationary until sometime in 2019 when they retire begin exploring. Thus my growing urge to do the same … start exploring full time until I can no longer do it safely. I stumbled on Oliver by accident. I was reading a post on FB where someone posted “Check out Oliver Trailers” in reference to another’s question on finding a lightweight, well built, and small four season trailer. So I pulled up the Oliver site and really liked what I saw. I requested information and received a couple of emails from Phill A. I joined the Oliver Facebook page and saw where Phill A. posted a suggestion on running a HDMI cable I was now more impressed. After a phone call, several text and emails I have an Oliver referral visit soon. I will certainly post my impression after the viewing, To be continued …
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