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  1. I understand someone has made an insert[?] to convert their twin beds into one bed when desired. Can someone point me to any post(s) or contact to discuss? My searches have not been successful Thank you
  2. I am very tempted by the RAM Tradesman with the Power Wagon package. If I install the air bags, and a few other possible mods, as suggested by Bob Wohlers, to increase payload (https://discoveroffroading.com/about-bob-wohlers) will I be voiding the warranties? I would like to have the capability of parking the travel trailer and exploring off road. I am considering starting with a pick up camper and then transitioning to a travel trailer after a few years. But I want to start with a tow vehicle that will tow the Oliver Elite II. Or should I look at a 4wd Ford F250 and modify suspension etc to get a Ford "Power Wagon". I am sure there are companies that will 'convert' one. But at what cost? I want at least a 6.5 foot box. Thanks
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