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  1. Did the OTT installed this curtain rod & curtain for you rather than the one advertised which is very awkward appearing and many complain about? Thank you.
  2. How many of the jacks did you use to lift the trailer in two minutes? What did you use to increase the base of the jack and where was the jack placed? I am would like to learn more. Perhaps I need to look up how to change a tire? Thank you.
  3. I would like to hear about the shower and Nature's Head as we are getting a trailer with that set up and no curtain. Thank you, Mirna.
  4. I would like to see a few comments as well. I am surprised I do not find any answers to your question. Thank you, Mirna.
  5. Thank you! We appreciate this comment. I think we have made the decision to buy an Oliver; however, we are now buying our towing vehicle. We had one long day of shopping and are leaning towards an F250 or F350 diesel. I am curious, what is your towing vehicle? Best, Mirna.
  6. We are interested in the trailer. I will be in Santa Fe on August 4 if you it has not sold. Would you post some pictures? Thank you. Mirna.
  7. I would like to see a picture of that if you have one. Thank you, Mirna.
  8. Greetings: Here is one more possible solution I have used with my dogs at different developmental stages in their lives and for different reasons - Classical conditioning method by Victoria Stilwell. She has a DVD series I have found very helpful. It is titled "Canine Phobia Series." It covers from thunderstorms, fireworks, city sounds and calming. This series is for the treatment and prevention of anxiety in dogs. We traveled with our dogs from a GSD to a Maltese! We compete in Rally, Nosework, and Obedience. We are certified Karen Prior Academy Dog Trainers. We are presently working with a rescued GSD who has a few challenges and we are grateful for all he reminds us everyday. Blessings for all of your journeys and hope this is helpful. Mirna.
  9. Greetings, I am curious, why did the Olivers stop making the risers? We have dogs and would love to find an Ollie with the risers. I hope I will be able to see yours if it has not sold by August 4th, 2019. Is there any way to order a new Ollie with risers if we cannot find a previously own one? Thank you, Mirna.
  10. Dear Team: Thank you for all the great feedback! It is much appreciated and it is being taken to heart. Recently, we were welcomed by George and Gretchen who own an Ollie and it was a wonderful experience at two levels: met two wonderful people and got to see an Ollie in person. We are strongly leaning towards an Ollie! Best to all and joyful camping! Mirna and the gang (that includes the two and four leggeds!)
  11. Thank you for your response. I was not able to figure out how to introduce myself. Could you send me the link or a picture of the area where newbies introduce themselves. Your comments are very helpful. Tow vehicle: Ford F250 with two package. We are trying to figure out if we buy the diesel or gas. There are positives and negatives for each option. Diesel: expense of upkeep, initial cost, and not getting our money back for what we put in. Gas: less expensive all around. The F250 will have a canopy for the medium size dog. Type of camping: boonducking, two adults, and 4-dogs (one medium and three small) Travel Plans: Initially 3-7 day trips then eventually the ALCAN and cross country both US and Canada. Thank you!
  12. Greetings, my name is Mirna. We are in the midst of discerning between two trailers: Oliver Elite II and the Lance 1685. Anyone out there has recommendations? We will be doing a lot of boondocking. We do have the option of composting toilet in both trailers. We are buying a pickup most likely a Ford 250 gasoline. We will appreciate other's input. Thank you.
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