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  1. I just placed the order for 50ft ultra white. If anyone would like half, the cost would only be $50 shipped. A few dollars less if I can fit it in a smaller flat rate package. I should have it in about 5-7 days.
  2. Did you just use alcohol to prep the surface or mineral spirits?
  3. Thanks Sherry. Is that the Ultra White?
  4. I was going to buy a 25ft roll of this on Amazon but with shipping it comes to almost $64. I can get a 50ft roll at camping world for not much more. I think their advertised price is $85 but it will be less with their club discount. I'll know the exact price later this evening. If anyone would like to split a roll (25ft should be enough) let me know.
  5. Looks like the new NuCamp Avia. https://nucamprv.com/avia/
  6. I thought about making my own also be from the inside. Putting a good bead of silicone adhesive around the inside perimeter where the vents are and shape a piece of SS screen mesh so it fits around the vents and press into the silicone bead.
  7. Understood. Being retired Navy and working for NAVFAC for 15 years I am always thinking about safety. When everything is connected by those two bolts on the coupler it seems a safer bet would have been 5/8 or 3/4 in bolts rather than 1/2 inch. I'm sure the 1/2 is fine...but.... :)
  8. Hi Raspy! Granted this was a while ago.... https://olivertraveltrailers.com/topic/trailer-tongue-bolt-failure/ Greg
  9. Thanks Bob. I wouldn't think of using it without the orange cone piece. As you said, tire comes right off. And anything can be overcome with time and tools...and noise. I'm just looking for the best deterrent I can find since during camping season this will be parked in my driveway.
  10. Thanks Overland! That's what I was wondering...if the wheel needed to come of to swap out the covers. It's not really very bulky. The arms fold in so the lock can be stowed away flat.
  11. Hi Raspy. I only took the photo with the hub disc off to show how close the center cover is to the lock without it. Of course it has to be on to be effective. I just cannot install properly with the standard hub covers on the Ollie. I have to see if I can swap them out with something shorter.
  12. Hi all. Has anyone yet tried the Brahma wheel lock and had success on installing it? I ordered one and cannot get it on. Seems the center hub covers on the ollie stick out too much. With the Brahma cone off I can get it on....though still a bit of a pain due to the limited clearance between the wheel skirting and the tire. How do the center covers come off? Do I have to remove the tires? I want to see if shorter ones are available as replacements. Thanks
  13. Thanks David! Guess I will see how much a custom one will cost.
  14. John, A little OT, but how did you install the cross bar on the trailer side of the stone stomper? Thanks!
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