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  1. Coy, Our E2 went into production Friday. Not sure if you're looking for beta testers but we'd be willing to entertain the idea. Keith
  2. Any of you get a chance to see this in action at the rally? Since our build just started I'd be interested to see if they're looking at any beta testers.
  3. Hello and welcome! Our Ollie starts production in less than two weeks now and we'll be picking it up in September. We're just down the road in Fredericksburg and pass through Marble Falls when we go North as well. We're planning on being at the 2020 Rally and look forward to meeting all the fellow Texans and Hill Country folks there!
  4. Hi we're Keith & Ilene and we go by Buddha & Buffy! It's a long story and we usually tell it after a couple of adult beverages. We just got back from Hohenwald where we toured the factory with Scott Oliver and made final tweaks on our Ollie which goes into production on 19 July. We're currently living in Fredericksburg, Texas where we settled after two years of full-time RVing in our 40' Winnebago Diesel pusher. We love being more centrally located in Texas vice Nevada where we lived and worked for 20 years before retiring and selling our house and going on the road. The DP was great but we were limited on some of the places we wanted to explore and after a long search we discovered Oliver Travel Trailers. The LEII is EXACTLY what we wanted in downsizing from the DP. We had a chance to see an Ollie here locally and were impressed right away. After touring the factory and seeing all the innovations and quality we were blown away. We can't wait until September to pick up our Ollie and travel the highways and byways in the new addition to our family. We looking forward to meeting more Ollie Owners and reading about your adventures and sharing ours.
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