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  1. Hello everyone. Well we received our Oli. Yeah Problem, we are hooked up to shore power, connection verified, circuit breaker is on, but air conditioner and microwave will not go on. Are we missing something, it there another switch. Thank you Sandy
  2. Hello again I am trying t figure out what is needed and what is just weight and things I don't need to put in our Oliver when it comes in 2 weeks. Does anyone have ideas or lists that has helped them. Also, what is your opinion on the Magma pans? Thank you Sandy
  3. Yes we have an easy start. We also have solar. Well we will be going to Arizona and Texas and it will be hot during the summer months. My husband was concerned about running the air conditioner, microwave and electric. He wants propane and this one is propane and gas. Has anyone ever put the the generator in the basket in front of the propane? We are gong to Arizona the end of August so it will be hots and we will not have hookups. Thank you for your input. Sandy
  4. We are getting our Elite 2 on Jul 15th. My husband wants to get the <h1>Champion 3400-Watt Dual Fuel RV Ready Portable Inverter Generator with Electric Start</h1> I would like to put it in the basket, but Oliver said it's not wise. Then we were thinking of having on our our tailgate while it is running. It weights 92lbs and we want to be able if we go camping when there are no hookups we can use the generator. But I can't help lift it and my husband is in great condition but is 76. How do you all use your generator. I really want it in the bucket and was hoping there was something we can do so if there was a spark it won't blow up our unit. Sandy
  5. Thank you for your input. We are getting the 2 twin beds w the 9 inch latex bed. Should I still be looking for bunk, cot sheets or will twin sheets work? Sandy
  6. Thank you for your imput. We are getting t hff e 2 twin beds w the 9 inch latex bed. Should I still be looking for bunk or cot sheets Sandy
  7. Thank you for your thoughts. I am really stressing over quilts or comforters. All the twin sizes are too big for our Twin beds. I was thinking about getting a king quilt and cutting it in half and doing a seam. Has anyone ever done that. How do you all do your blankets and bedspreads. Thank you Sandy Any one have pictures of decorating ideas???
  8. Well this is my first time doing a forum. We are getting our Elite 2 mid July and I am trying to figure out inside dimensions of the kitchen drawers, overhead cabinets so I can put a dish divider up there and the overhead cabinet between the 2 twin beds. I am also trying to find out if anyone has used velcro, 3 M hook or the Nano Double sided grip tape. I want to decorate. Any ideas?? Anyone have pictures? Thank you in advance. Sandy
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