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  1. I called Renogy and got an answer on daisy chaining suitcase solar panels together. You can do it easily if they don't have a controller. If there's a controller, it will have to be removed, which will void the warranty.
  2. Thanks, John. We're buying Raspy's trailer, and he has one of these, 100w. Do you think we need another for short-term boondocking? I'm guessing we could daisy chain them together. Thank you, Monica
  3. Hello, Are your cutting boards for the newer Olivers, which have a bigger sink, or the older models?
  4. Thank you all for the warm invite and recommendations. It's a really great thing you having going here. I doubt many other companies have such dedicated and caring clientele. Mike, I will gladly talk wine anytime! And I may contact Opus One with your idea. I'm sure they would find it interesting and a little hilarious. - Monica
  5. Hello! My husband, Travis, and I are purchasing Raspy's Oliver (hi, Raspy!). It is safe to say that I am SO excited to own an Oliver. Travis and I looked at every type of RV, and were disappointed in every one until we found Oliver. I am in the Army (I have been in for 15+ years), and Travis is an amazing auto body technician. We would like to find telework jobs in a few years so we can use our Oliver more, but for now we'll take short, less frequent trips. We named our Oliver "Opus" long before we were able to purchase a trailer. Opus is named after our favorite wine, Opus One. One of our first long trips will be to Napa to visit Opus in Opus. ? For now, I will only ask one of my 4,267 questions. Has anyone added the reading lights on their own? We want them, and I can't find a forum thread about it. I did, however, find one that identifies the correct light. Thank you all. I look forward to meeting you someday. - Monica
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