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  1. Thanks, it look like somebody stuck their gum on the window
  2. Pick up new legacy 2 at the end of Aug, first night I was looking it over and notice 2 globs of something on the back window. 1 on the left and 1 on the right, what is it and is it normal
  3. Andersen says disconnect, which you can manually each time you restart your engine, f-150 forums some do and some don't. It seems like there is no clear answer, Andersen says the anti-sway on f 150 interferes with Andersen anti- sway, I'm just concerned turning off anti-sway on f-150 could compromise safety, maybe somebody with a ford truck pulling a elite II can chime in with their experience
  4. <p style="text-align: left;">Will be picking up Elite II at the end of Aug, should I disconnect my anti-sway on 2019 F-150 while towing using andersen wdh</p>
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