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  1. Obviously I didn't. I just saw it on the fgrv website and signed up, since it looks like fun! The Oregon Gathering IS fun. (so are the NOGs) 10 days and counting!!!
  2. Do NOT confuse the Oregon Gathering with the NOG. The NOG, is the Northern Oregon Gathering and is held in the spring and fall. The OREGON GATHERING is in Bandon, along the SOUTHERN Oregon coast in JULY. I knew you knew this, just wanted to clear the air for the less initiated.
  3. Anyone in California, Oregon, Washington, or Nevada? Will you be attending the FGRV "2009 (7th Annual) Oregon Gathering" in Bandon, Oregon, July 16-19, 2009? Elizabeth and I will be there and look forward to meeting many others, especially Oliver owners. Thanks, Steve Steve, I see Jerry & Shirley (2008 17' Oliver) will be in site B30 at Bullard's... not far from you.
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