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  1. Have you been able to try a Harmony? I'm curious. Sherry
  2. Thank you! You had power at Dunewood? I don't usually care, but leaving Elkhart, with a new rv, it's nice to know that all the electric elements work. We can always run the generator, as we have in the past. The idea of an electric hookup is enticing, though.... Since the deliveries we do don't have solar Sherry
  3. I suspect you've already tried unplugging power sources for a few hours to reset, but I will share a crazy story. One night about six years ago, everyone in the house was awakened by a crazy persistent noise. Turned out, it was coming from our tv (we usually only have one) . Unplugged it. Moved it the next day to a tabletop in another room. Bought a new tv. Our daughter wanted to watch something different one night, a couple months later. Plugged in the crazy old tv, and the cable connection, and, voila, after channel scan, old tv worked like a charm. Just for grins, before i spent more money, I'd disconnect 110 and 12 v power, and let it sit awhile. If a main board is fried, it won't help. But if you're not going anywhere for awhile, doesn't hurt to try to reset it. Power fluctuations can do weird things to tvs.
  4. Yup. Love that classy trailer next to the airstream. ? Sherry
  5. Ps, almost 12 years later, our trailer doesn't have a name. No rush, right? ?? Sherry
  6. Someday, over a beer, I'll share our camping story of first night and next day in the White Mountains. (Long story) Early google maps was to blame, but most stars I've ever seen in the lower 48. After the fog cleared... sometime after misnight... Congratulations! Sherry
  7. Mike, sounds like a great idea. Please snap a photo or two when you finish your project. Sherry
  8. You'll probably want to check the outlet under the sink area. Some people have reported that the fridge 110 plug has come loose, or been knocked out completely over time. I believe the dc power is hardwired, and of course gas is poweted by dc board. On your system. The 110 plugs into a household type outlet, out of view, under the drawers.
  9. Green river gorge is a beautiful place, and a pretty "exciting" place for someone new to towing. Just guessing that's where you had to manually downshift. You're good to go now! Congratulations on a successful trip home. Thanks for the info on your Navigator. Glad you are happy with your choice!
  10. I split this from another topic. Hope you guys are ok with it, but I think it deserves its own run. Sherry
  11. Letchworth SP in western new New York, east of Rochester, near Castile, isn't far off the 90, but closes the campground mid October. Absolutely beautiful, in any season. Check their website before you plan to stay. They usually close 8th to 12th of October.. great, if it fits your schedule and route. Conversely, you could cut south, skip some of the tolls, and rejoin 90 near Erie PA, and spend a night at Allegheny State park near Salamanca, south of Buffalo. It's a pretty park, and quite big. I think both campgrounds are open til end of October. We had electricity, but not water, if I remember correctly, in Red Cabin cg. Bring plenty of leveling material. Going west, many campgrounds close mid September or mid October. But, hardy midwesterners love snowshoeing, croiss country skiing, and winter camping, so some sites in Minnesota state parks stay open year round. Look at Myre Big Island, near Albert Lea, just off 90. I haven't stayed there, as I have plenty of nearby relatives where we driveway camp?, but I've heard it is beautiful. And at least some sites open thru the winter. Something "corny" is the world famous corn palace, Mitchell, SD. The city has a campground at little Lake Mitchell. Very clean, if a little worn, but super nice midwestern people. I think that it will still be open. Just call ahead. You'll miss the Hostfest in Minot, its in September this year... too bad. That's definitely worth the stop. Carry a portapotty or luggable loo, just in case. You may not have open dump stations or hookups everywhere on your route, but pit toilets are generally open. Best to be prepared for late fall/ winter, where camping season is over, and pipes can freeze, so full hookup sires are generally closed, of course. We had a lot of snow one day a few years ago in October when I drove my mom up to Minnesota for a family event. Not fun for a Florida transplant. But that early the season, everything melted by noon.. Good luck, and gave fun.
  12. Hidalga, I'm sorry to hear that news. When you have time, would you post the info here. I'm guessing you need to be a member to read most posts on the casitaforum. This is what I get when I click on the Green Eggs and Ham thread:
  13. Mike, those look great. No adhesive, no suction cups. I looked up similar items on Amazon. A bathroom mirror is labeled "Oliver." ?
  14. So, did you have all your cushions made elsewhere? I think that I remember you ordering custom matress(es)? Just curious.
  15. I think I misunderstood your original post. Looks like you're looking for a storage cover that covers the shroud of the outside unit? From the info on Oliver University, looks like you have a Dometic Penguin II. You can verify that with the model serial number plate... that's probably visible both up top, and under the inside cover. Or, just call Oliver Service, to be sure. You'll probably want to call them anyway, about your bolts spinning. Either something isn't properly aligned, or some threads are stripped. Obviously, you want to get the outside shroud securely fastened before you take another trip. I'm still not all that clear on what you've removed, initially. Sorry.
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