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  1. Correction - I meant to say that I would be in Hohenwald April 9, not September 9th. Thank god for spell check and edit. Hap
  2. I will be in Hohenwald for service and a couple of upgrades April. 9th then plan to meander north to Sioux Narrows Ontario where we will turn west and slowly head for Alaska. My wife who doesn't like the slog across the country will fly into Edmonton, AB, Canada and meet me. This is our second trip in an OTT to Alaska. We almost never make reservations except for major holidays and have had very little trouble finding a place to stay. On our last trip, a couple that had RV'd to Alaska many times highly recommended Seward Alaska for the 4th of July. They recommended that we arrive at least five days in advance to get one of the first come first serve spots in the Waterfront Park Campground dry camping. I wouldn't even think about coming in at the last minute. The 4th is huge in Alaska. They do have a dump site and a place where you can take on fresh water. It was one of the best small town 4's that we've ever had. We liked the second second-tier sights for many reasons especially the view. Check out the Marathon Mountain, Alaska 4th race on Youtube. That's where we hope to be this year for the fourth. Alaska is the trip of a lifetime. Hope to see you in Alaska. Hap
  3. I thoroughly agree with John Davies about pressure warning systems. I have purchased several over the years, and TPMS has been by far the best. I've seen many RV's sitting on the side of the road with lots of damage not only to the tires but to the RV because it took a long time for the driver to realize that one of their tires was down. Hap
  4. Our EcoSeb just arrived today and I'm very pleased with how quiet it is on low and with the small size. I would also like to know where current owners place the unit in their OTT's? It's small enough to store in the OTT closet with ease when not in use and seems big enough to work effectively with the trailer. At the moment I'm giving it try in our laundry room but the real test will be in April on our Alaska trip. I can't wait to get back on the road. Hap
  5. I've reposted my question under the Thread Question for the Oliver Travel Trailer Factory???. I'm a big supporter of OTT and I'm not trying to be difficult, but I feel that this is an important question that needs a clear and concise answer. When I drop my trailer at an RV service center, I'd like to have a paper that I've printed off of the manual to hand to that center explaining how to lift the trailer for things like repacking the bearings, etc. I have included this and other questions on that thread, so hopefully, I will understand how to handle these situations soon. kountrykamper thanks for asking the question to start this thread. Hap
  6. Hi Keymaster, As you may already know I have experienced a jack failure on our first 2014 OTT while in the middle of nowhere Alaska. Also, this is not a request for service just a question that I've been asking for several years and still don't understand the answer. I suppose I a little on the dumb side but reading your reply here and reading the 2016 Elite II manual leaves me even more confused. What is a "special tire ramp"? In the thousands of miles that we have traveled while RVing I've seen many RV's with both tires flat on one side of the trailer flat after hitting a really bad object on the road. If I purchase a "special tire ramp" and both tires are flat will it still work? When I take our trailer to an RV service center to have bearings packed how do I explain to them the proper procedure to raise the tires? Where "is the steel section of the subframe"? A picture would be nice. Also while I'm at it I'd like to request a [Question for the Factory] section on your forum page. Thank You. Hap
  7. If you’re on the side freeway with a flat tire and for some rare reason, you have a jack failure where do I tell the wrecker driver to place his jack to lift the trailer to change the flat tire? Where are the lift points on OTT's? Jack failure is rare but it does happen.
  8. kountrykamper Great question. I have a slightly different question. If you're on the side freeway with a flat tire and for some rare reason, you have a jack failure where do I tell the wrecker driver to place his jack to lift the trailer to change the flat tire? Jack failure is rare but it does happen. Hap
  9. Thanks to everyone that answered my questions. I probably should have asked if any owners have older trailers that have upgraded to the Dexter EZ Flex. I am concerned that small children, dogs, and the elderly like me will not hear us coming thru campgrounds and get out of the way after upgrading to the Dexter EZ Flex. Maybe I'll invest in an airhorn for the truck. (Just Kidding) The great thing about OTT is that they listen to their customers and keep upgrading their product. If anyone is interested, you can look at our profile page and see the first OTT 2014 that we owned. The photo was taken on our way to Alaska. You will notice that it only had one step and a little white stool that my wife aka "THE BOSS" hated and let the Oliver folks know it when we picked up our trailer. On our way home we stopped in Hohenwald for a tune-up, they proudly showed us the new two-step model and replaced ours. Hap
  10. Scubarx We have an appointment at the factory in a few weeks to have a few upgrades to our 2016 trailer. Were having the EZ Flex installed, also having a Microair Easy Start installed. I would like to hear your opinion on both of these upgrades. OTT has warned me that the easy start would void my warranty on the AC, but I believe that it's out of warranty now anyway. Hap
  11. I'm not sure. I don't have the purchase info with me at this time. We purchased them though OTT and they have a dust cover material on the bottom of the mattress. Sunning them took care of the problem at the time, and with the AIR-FLOW we've had no more problems. We're going to head for Alaska April 1st. (another thread needed) and I'm going to purchase a EcoSeb DD122EA-SIMPLE Desiccant Dehumidifier, 15-Pint, White, 120V. I've seen this unit recommended by a lot of RVers. I'm not sure how well it will fit in the OTT, but I see one other OTT owner has one and recommends it. When I get it and use it a few times, I'll post a report. I'm sure it will stay in the closet most of the time, but there are times in every RV that humility is difficult. Last year we took a trip thru Washington State and down the west coast. It must have rained every day for a month while we were in Washington. Great trip but humid as hell. Hap
  12. Hi geO I weigh 265 lbs, and my wife is petite. I had minor mold spots under my mattress, but my wife had none. I feel that it was caused by body heat transfer in my case. We took our mattresses out and sunned them in direct sunlight for several hours cleaned them and put them back in the trailer. We bought the Aire-Flow™ Moisture Barrier and had no more problems. I'm not trying to sell that product but just letting you and others know what worked for us. Like I said in my previous post, using our small floor fan helps at times. Like most other OTT owners we've had no other issues with mold, leaks, etc. inside of the trailer. From sunny, humid Florida. Hap
  13. Hi, MontanaOliver We've used the Aire-Flow™ Moisture Barrier under our mattresses for about a year now and highly recommend the product. We got the idea from reading a blog written by a couple living fulltime in a class A motorhome, so I don't think that moisture is a problem just in travel trailers. Also, we keep the window blinds raised about one inch at night which keeps the inside of the windows from fogging up. We also went to West Marine and bought a small fan that we keep on the floor all the way to the rear of the trailer. It's quiet and out of the way at the back of the trailer and keeps the air circulating at night which helps a lot. We don't need this fan most of the time, and it stores away in the closet nicely when it's not needed. We bought this when we were camping in the Florida Keys, but there are many options on Amazon I would have looked at if we had been at home instead of on a camping trip. Hope this helps. Hap
  14. Our tires are the Michelins that were put on at the factory and I’ve always set them at 75 psi summer and winter and never had a problem. I would also recommend the TPMS sensors. I haven’t had any problems with drawers opening or seeing doors popping open or any other damage etc. Also, our tires don’t seem to be showing any wear. I believe that I’ll have to replace them due to age not wear. I've just had our trailer serviced at a local RV dealer that is highly respected and questioned them about psi and they set them to 75 psi. I've tried lower psi pressure and I believe it decreases fuel mileage and causes a sluggish feeling while towing. All of us have our opinion about psi, but after two OTTs, thousands of miles and weather temps from 15 to 100 degrees that's the psi that I use. Each to his own. Hap
  15. Several comments here advise staying in the area for several days to learn how everything works and to make sure everything is working properly. Great advice! I would advise heading out for a couple of hundred mile trip, then being prepared to return to factory if necessary. OTT is a great trailer but sometimes teething pains pop up and it is best to be in close proximity to the factory so they can address the issues or questions. Also, there will be the inevitable question: "how does this work?" You can go over those with the factory folks directly if you can easily return to Hohenwald. Lots of great things to do and see in the area, especially Nashville and the Natchez Trace Parkway. Hap
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