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  1. The current design is a lowering mechanism with 4 locks that can manually lower and lock the tracker in place. We are testing now to determine if 2 will be more appropriate.
  2. UPDATE We are in the process of building and testing 3 different models of the Solar Tracker. We will have a Solar Tracker designed to fit the Elite II, another for the Elite and the third will be a suitcase model. The Elite and Elite II models will be made specifically for Oliver Travel Trailers and should be easily mounted. The third model is a suitcase model that is designed to be set in the sun while your trailer remains in the shade. Like the other trackers, it will track the sun continuously as long as it can "see" the sun. Initial testing indicates the suitcase model will efficently capture the sun's energy throughout the day as will the other 2 trackers. The suitcase model is being built to have (2) 50 watt solar panels. They will be hinged to fold up and be stored. The solar tracker will be the same size as the folded solar panels. Each can be stored easily in your TOW vehicle. We have done significant testing on the tracker frames. We have strengthened the framework to meet/exceed safety requirements. I will soon post videos of the solar tracker in operation, the data we are collecting to indicate the efficiency of each tracker and how the tracker is mounted on an Oliver. In January 2020 we will be attending the Quartzsite RV Big Tent Show and have a booth inside to demo the trackers. We will be displaying a fully operational model and have each for sale. We currently do not have a price for each unit. We are sourcing raw materials and writing the app for each owner to operate the Solar Tracker. The tracker has a number of electronic components that are essential to operate the tracker automatically throughout the day, shut it down automatically if it senses movement (wind) or it can be done remotely. It will have a GPS and cell phone so it can immediately alert you and provide GPS coordinates if it (and the trailer) is being moved. Please check our website for updates. www.happycampersolar.com THANK YOU coy
  3. I experienced the same thing this year in a new Elite II. This has happened to several new owners recently In the basement area there is a connector brass fitting that connects the city water to your internal plumbing. It is located under the floor of your basement on the water connection side. You can check this in two different ways. (1) You can take up the floor of the basement to see if it is wet. If so, look for a brass fitting that connects to your outside water receptacle, city water. Look to see if it has a crack in it. (2)If you cannot determine if it has a crack, turn the city water on low, as you watch it. If this connector is split, it is probably from over tightening at the factory. When the water comes out many of the weep holes in the trailer.
  4. Has anyone removed a mounting bracket for their solar panels? We are trying to determine if all of the solar panel brackets are mounted in the same manner. 1. Is the same sized bolt, thread pattern, length, stainless steel, etc used on each mounting bracket? 2. Does the same bolt go back in and tighten down easily? Explanation. We are in the final testing of the solar tracker. Mounting brackets is a key factor and we need to determine how “standardized “ the mounting bracket is across all of installation process on the Elite and Elite II. If the brackets are easily removed the tracker should be mounted with little to no difficulty. Pictures are greatly appreciated ! THANK YOU
  5. The twin mattresses are 30” X 75” You may want to consider the thickness of the mattress as well. I do not like the foam mattress upgrade. It is HOT in the summer. I have the blue cool top. Great summer and winter No linens supplied by Oliver
  6. All My apologies for not replying earlier. I am on the road and just now was able to log in. Please allow me address some concerns here. First, I nor our product/ Happy Camper Solar, are affiliated with Oliver Travel Trailers or Oliver Technologies. I am good friends with Scott Oliver and others in the Oliver family and staff. They are very family and customer focused and very much want to sell a quality product. I have been the chairman of the Oliver Travel Trailer Owners Rally but I am not an employee of Oliver. I bought hull # 73, live near Hohenwald, Tennessee, in the Huntsville Al area and have a great relationship with Oliver. Secondly, My company Happy Camper Solar and my two business partners have no plans on selling our product to Oliver as an Oliver accessory. It should be easily installed on the Elite and the Elite II. The framework of the tracker is being designed for the current solar panel configuration. We are developing this product from our own funding. My two partners are engineers, one with many years doing engineering research and development for the US Army Corps of Engineers and headed the Energy Department for the US Army. My other partner has been a engineer doing work in energy research for the US Department of Defense. I retired from BAE Systems as a Vice President, the second largest defense contractor in the world. We built ships, planes submarines , missile systems., and a lot of classified defense systems. I am NOT an engineer but I know business very well. Thirdly, Solar Tracker. This is a framework that supports movement of solar panels to gain the maximum efficiency that we can design. It moves the panels automatically from early morning to late evening, up and down, left and right to track the sun’s activity rather than sit flat on the roof. It does nothing to the solar panels themselves. It is a vehicle to move, rotate, articulate and increase the efficiency of the solar panels to capture the suns energy. It is not cheaply built nor will it be cheaply sold. The technology is far advanced beyond the current commercial capability. Last, we are still developing the solar tracker. We are retired and have time to do this right. The two engineers are putting so much into the tracker capability, it is unbelievable. Soon, we will have the first tracker installed on my Elite. We will use this prototype to test. I have a friend that has agreed to test the prototype for the Elite II. My focus at this point is safety and reliability. This tracker has a number of electronic parts that has required a large amount of writing computer programs to make it reliable and functional. The technology is being designed by two engineers that are building capability that will hopefully exceed our needs as campers. I hope to be able to provide you with a video demonstration soon. Our marketing plan at this point is to sell directly to the consumer. I will try to keep you posted on our progress soon. THANK YOU coy gayle
  7. Andrew Our goal is to be selling all 3 models at the Quartzsite Rally in January. If that is correct, I anticipate we will have all 3 for sale to the Oliver community before then. We have made a number of modifications that will improve the functionality and efficency of the trackers. Watch our website for updates. coy
  8. I have a 160 watt suitcase double panel and it is HEAVY ! We will build the portable tracker as a separate component. The Solar panels can be stored in a lightweight case, the solar tracker stored in a lightweight case. The tracker can be very easily set up, extension legs that adjust for height. The solar panels can then be unfolded and quickly popped into the tracker. We had thought a set of panels that folds in half and when unfolded together are the same size as the tracker, saving on space. We are investigating sizes in the 50-60 watt per panel range. We are currently building the first production roof mounted solar tracker. It will be mounted on my trailer. Regarding placement, the way the tracker rotates, the Max Fan will not be a problem. However, the Spaceship TV antenna will need to be removed/relocated. We are putting in a clean cycle to clean the panels. It will stand the panels straight up. When I go to Quartzsite, I will take my grandson's Bazooka water gun and a squeegee to clean the panels daily from the ground. No ladder for me. Raspy- regarding the customers being told about actual versus potential output, I think Oliver passes on the figures as provided by Zamp. One of the things I did notice was that shortly after Zamp was bought last year, every solar panel on the Zamp website suddenly had increased output numbers. Did the new company increase the wattage that quickly?? I understand that portability and protection of the panels and tracker will be important. We have been in contact with Phoenix Industries a local sheltered workshop hiring persons with disabilities.This organization does heavy duty sewing for the Federal Government. Parachute harnesses, Lister water bags, Canvas and vinyl ballistic missile covers and large tents are just a small example of their products. Phoenix Industries hopefully will manufacture the carrying cases for the solar panels and a separate one for the tracker. We will put hardboard within the case to protect the panels. The cases may be purchased directly from Phoenix Industries and 100% of the purchase will go to providing jobs to persons with disabilities. Please check out their website www.phoenixhsv.org coy
  9. In addition to the Solar Tracker we are designing for the Elite II and the smaller Elite, we are designing a suitcase model. Last year, when parking in a national park on a cold but sunny day, we pulled our rigs off of the pad into the sun to be able to charge our batteries with solar. The campground host came by soon thereafter to tell us to move back to the pad under the trees and in the shade. This summer, I stayed several days in a campground that I only wished we had shade to put Ollie under. However, there in the shade, we would have been unable to charge our batteries. I purchased a portable unit my first trip to Quartzsite. I had no solar panels on my trailer until recently. I was able to charge my batteries at Quartzsite if I put my 160 watt Zamp double panel out from 8AM - 4 PM and adjusted it regularly, for a full charge. This and seeing a fellow camper climbing on a ladder twice daily to raise/lower his panels were the inspirations to create a solar tracker. When designing the Solar Tracker, we saw the need for a small portable tracker that could be plugged into the Zamp connector, or use simple alligator clamps on the battery. We are designing a small portable tracker that will have all of the electronic and technical capability as the larger units. The design is not complete. I solicit your input as the size of the solar panels. What size wattage and physical size would be ideal? We will be able to hinge two small panels together, fold them up for storage and unfold to double the size/capacity. Please provide me your input on the size/wattage while considering the tracker can double the energy collected in a day compared to the same size, lying flat, as demonstrated at the 2019 Oliver Travel Trailer Owners Rally. Thanks for your opinion Coy
  10. Rideadeuce I advise to err on the side of safety. Solar panels can become flying uncontrolled wings that may cause serious harm to anyone behind you. A simple but strong aircraft cable can be attached to your panel and tethered to a strong steel mount. My concern is a good plan includes a backup plan. I would not depend solely on tape. Have fun and be safe.
  11. The 2020 Oliver Travel Trailer Owners’ Rally will be held Thursday, May 14 thru Sunday, May 17, 2020. Once again, the Oliver Travel Trailer Owners’ Rally will be held at Lake Guntersville State Park, located in Guntersville, AL The cost for the 2020 rally will be in two parts: the rally registration costs (mostly rally meals), and the campground registration costs. At this time, we are working to lower the rally registration costs. We will announce the costs after we have adaquate sponsorship. We will be working with Oliver and the vendors to have rally sponsorship to reduce attendee costs. We do, however, know that campground cost is going to be $24.00/night (or $14.00/night for a boon docking spot). Camping Reservations –(256) 571-5455 For the 2020 rally, all the Oliver Travel Trailer Owners will need to call the campground and reserve their campsites for the dates that you want. They will ask for a one-night deposit of $24.00 (or $14.00 for boon docking). When you arrive at the campground for the 2020 rally, you will pay for your remaining nights in the campground. And then in a few weeks, when we finalize the rally costs, we will all need to call the Lodge to make rally reservations and pay for the rally costs. We will give you the exact rally costs as soon as we know. Thanks to everyone that attended the 2019 Rally. A big THANKS to all of the great volunteers. Fun was had by all, we learned much from each other and we are now better campers as a result of our rally. I look forward to seeing you next year.
  12. We have been contacted by Lake and River boat company to offer boat rides on Lake Guntersville for the Rally. The capacity of the boat is 19 and the cost is $20 for an hour tour, if the boat is full. If not, the cost is $25.00. The times are 10 AM and 4:30 PM Friday. If interested, PM me , Hardrock Coy see boat details at the website below https://www.lakeandriverfun.com
  13. Yesterday when I was there, they were putting the finishing touches on the Campground such as putting down grass sod. There has been modifications made to this section. Some campsites were consolidated to accommodate large travel trailers and the big pushers by turning those sites into pull thrus. We are in the process of determining how to contact the two Oliver owners that are impacted by this and give them a choice. This area is the oldest part of the state park. I remember camping here as a child. The electrical system needed updating for safety/convenience factors and the end result is this section now is up to date and should be very enjoyable to everyone. Coy
  14. SAKTHORP Welcome to the Oliver Community and Family! Yes, there is WiFi in the park. I was there today and many improvements to the park have been made. I look forward to meeting you and many others for our 4th annual Oliver Travel Trailer Owners Rally. Currently, we have 238 campers registered, 100+ trailers will be attending the rally. Drive safely - See you soon Coy Gayle 2019 Rally Chairman
  15. There has been considerable chatter and interest regarding having an Oliver Rally in the Western US. This rally would not be designed to replace the Annual Oliver Travel Trailer Owners' Rally held annually at Lake Guntersville State Park. Rather, this rally would recognize that it will be difficult for everyone to travel across the US. Hey, some people have to work, not everyone is retired ! For a rally to be successful, someone must champion the event, preferably someone living in the area . It takes a lot of planning, organizing and work. It does NOT need to be at the same level as the current Annual Rally. The first Oliver Rally had 44 people in attendance. I have spoken with Oliver and they have agreed to sponsor a rally held in the western US. I will support this effort but to be successful, we need a person in the area that can do much of the organizing. Also, I believe there are a number of persons that attend the rally in Guntersville that would attend a rally held in the western US. We are a camping group that always need an excuse to travel and camp. If anyone is attending the rally in May and would like to discuss a western rally, I would be happy to discuss this with you, especially if you can help to organize the event. If you individually or as a group would like to take on this task, please contact me. We will happily share our experience and support for this endeavor. Coy E. Gayle Chair 2017, 2018, 2019 Oliver Travel Trailer Owners' Rally aka Hardrock
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