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  1. Hi Pete, What products do you use on your Ollie to keep it looking so good? Do you keep it indoors during the winter? Dave
  2. Hi Bob and Charlotte, Congratulations on your new addition, as well!! It sounds like we'll both be back in Tennessee at the same time. We look forward to seeing you, touring the plant and meeting the folks that constructed our Ollies (as Pete would say). My sister lived in Napa for 5 years in the 80's and we visited her on numerous occasions. Loved the hiking in the area and it's mild climate. World class vineyards and an easy drive to San Francisco, too. Our little Toyota 4runner was wonderful to pull our 12' Aliner trailer around the country, but we just upgraded the towing rig to a Tundra truck. I hope it gives us as much trouble free service as the 4runner did. Well, best move my feet instead of just my fingers... Talk Soon, Dave
  3. Hello to all of you that also love to sample these incredible landscapes that we have!! My name is Dave Gibson and my wife is Mary. We live in Walla Walla, WA. We were tent campers for 30 yrs, moved up to an Aliner Expedition 8 yrs ago and just ordered an O 22 to be picked up in Hohenwald in May. We love to hike, mt bike, kayak and play pickleball. We are both recently retired and spend as much time on the road as possible each year. We have been seriously looking at trailers (with a bathroom!!) for the past year. We attended 6 major RV shows, stopped and looked in most trailer parks that we passed, visited showrooms in Spokane, Portland, Seattle and Boise. Everything that we saw was flimsy, lacked character and was built without an eye for detail or longevity. In January of this year we went to the SoCal desert to visit some friends. They said that if we had never experienced the town of Quartzite, AZ in Jan & Feb that we were missing out on an annual gathering that could be likened to the Oklahoma Land Rush. Here again, we saw 100's of poorly constructed rolling homes. As we were pulling out of town, something round and gleaming white caught my eye. There side by side were 2 Oliver 22's. Larry and Betty Harmon gave us a tour of the units and told us the history of the company. We have sailed in the San Juan Islands (near Seattle) many times and the Oliver 22 instantly reminded us of a well built boat!! We fell in love with the product and the company....so we plunked down some cash and we are looking forward to spending lots of time in our new rolling shelter! Any set up tips or hardware suggestions would be much appreciated. Dave Gibson
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