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  1. Our shower drain backed up a little lately, and we simply cleaned out the drain from hair and gunk. It drains well now.
  2. We have a 2011 v6 4runner and a 2015 Elite. We have been all over the USA towing our Elite. the 4runner has worked well for us. We get 16-17 mpg except in mountains when it goes down to 14 mpg. The 4runner gets 19-20 mpg alone. We love Toyotas and have had a Tacoma, Sequoia, and now the 4 runner. All have been great, but we really like the 4Runner so we can do some back country driving and camping.
  3. Tried the map on the website. Error message as well. Best just call the office. Webmaster-please fix.
  4. We love our Elite I because it is so nimble and easy to get around with. We are medium height and have no pets so it is great for us. We also didn't want to get a larger tow vehicle than our 4Runner V6, and it handle the Ollie well. We've been all over the US with the combo.
  5. I too have just placed a 1x3 piece of wood across the front of the slide out tray. It has worked great to keep the tray at zero sliding movement.
  6. We use a swimming noodle piece about 5 inches long with a slit cut in it to slip over the top edge of the freezer door to hold it open an inch or so. We leave the frig door completely open also while in storage.
  7. I simply ran the HDMI cable from the TV to a splitter input. Then the HDMI cable from the Furrion to the Splitter. A second HDMI from the Dish receiver to the Splitter. When I want Dish, I simply dial the splitter for input from the receiver. When I use the Furrion I dial the splitter to have input from the Furrion. I ran a triple RCA cable from the TV to the Furrion to be able to use the 4 speakers when using the Dish and also the Furrion. PM me if further questions. Bob
  8. We tow our Legacy Elite with a Toyota 4Runner V6. We have towed our trailer all over the country and up to Nova Scotia. It has done a marvelous job for us. We love our Elite because it is so easy to park and travels really well. You'll love the smaller size.
  9. bwright


    We had Robert give us a tour in 2014. He was always very pleasant throught the whole order process. We have missed him since he left the company. Our condolences to his family.
  10. The standard furnace has worked quite well for us, too
  11. We also turn the water spigot off when leaving the trailer to sight-see or whatever.
  12. I have done this upgrade on my Ollie and it sure is a good thing to do. The suspension is much more robust. Just follow the instructions that come with the kit.
  13. We have the Elite and love it. You will find it easy to use, very comfortable and we think you could handle it. We live in central Utah, so showing you ours may be a bit far, but if you want to come we will be glad to show it to you.
  14. We have the Elite single axle Oliver. We installed the K71-358-00 heavy duty suspension kit from Dexter and it sure has made the trailer more sturdy. We have owned the trailer for 1-1/2 years with maybe 6000 miles on it. The plastic bushings were worn through on one spring eye. We are glad the new kit is installed. We like the ability to grease the spring bushings. This should make the trailer handle rough roads, etc. a lot better.
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