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  1. Well, if water around the base of the Pee container causes a problem while showering, a five-minute use of a white plastic garbage bag over the toilet...eliminates the water problem, then it is a simple solution ... rather than drilling holes, attaching tubes, etc. Like some folks say, "Keep it safely simple"... KISS
  2. Why not just simply put a garbage bag over the toilet...KISS Save a lot of engineering.
  3. I would like to view an Oliver Elite II unit. Looking at the Oliver Elite II locations, there are none in the 37922 zip code area of Tennessee. (West Knoxville) The factory is a 6 hour round-trip and too far to drive just for a one hour visit. I would like to view and walk through and discuss a Legacy Elite II, if there are any in my location. I looked in the CLASSIFIED, but oddly enough the majority of ads in the Classified are for SOLD units....not much help at all. I was surprised at how many Oliver Units are sold by owners...not keeping them for long at all. The SOLD, ad after ad, got me thinking, Why are so many of these SOLD units being sold? I'm getting ready to do some traveling and friends with trailer and tow vehicle emphasize the convenience of parking the trailer and having the TOW vehicle to use when camping. Formerly owning a Class C and no vehicle to use, and a Class A, towing the TOAD... I'm ready to try the Trailer and TowVehicle unit. So, if there is anyone nearby 37922, west Knoxville, TN, I would love to view and discuss why YOU like your Oliver trailer so much... <smile> Thank you. Frances
  4. Anyone in the vicinity of west Knoxville, Farragut area, have an Oliver 22' that I can visit and see? Looks like a very nice trailer… I'd be curious to see the new hitch assembly, also, if available. Thank you.
  5. I was looking at the Classified… Too confusing … Someone needs to delete the already sold items in fairness to those who do have a unit for sale. Who cares if an item is sold; someone actually put SOLD on a formerly for sale unit. Who cares? a potential buyer wants to look at what's available…not what's not there anymore. I know I'm always curious… but not when there's a whole list of old stuff listed. I don't mean to be cranky, but gee whiz, this is today, not 2 years ago.
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