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  1. While I have an Escape, it is always fun and nice to see an Oliver. Hopefully there will be some at the FGRV rally in Oreon at Bullard's Beach near Bandon, Oregon July 12-15, 2012. http://www.fiberglassrv.com/forums/f57/ ... 48837.html
  2. Obviously I didn't. I just saw it on the fgrv website and signed up, since it looks like fun!
  3. Wolf (my dog) and I will be in B 31 (assuming I can back the thing up ), along with my son and his 3 daughters. I had a practice session in a nearby shopping center parking lot, and managed not to damage anything! I got an Escape 17 and with airbags and an equalizer hitch from it to my Toyota Sienna, so going forward is becoming easier. I would be delighted to check out the Olivers. Jim and his wife brought one to Sacramento where I saw them in the "flesh". They have a lot of nice features and are well constructed. However, the Escape was a better fit for me, and I am very happy with it. Now, I'm trying to make sure I don't forget anything, as I will be there a couple of days earlier. This, (other than the trip down from Canada, where the Escape is made) will be my first lengthy venture out. The Siskiyou pass decent is the major towing hurdle, the balance should be smooth sailing. Again, I'm looking forward to this event and meeting you all. Sandra
  4. Super! I've never been there before, but judging from all the comments, it should be lots of fun.
  5. Hi all, Though I did not get an Oliver, I do hope to see some at the fgrv gathering at Bullards Beach Oregon. Is that possible?
  6. Congratulations and Best Wishes for a long and happy life together!
  7. Just getting back to this site after a long absence...I'm sorry to learn that the Oliver production is slowing down... I think very highly of them. I ended up with an Escape, because of weight concerns. They are a quasi-custom production product as well. However, they are really busy despite the economy, perhaps because they are priced and made differently. Nonetheless I think those that have such a quality fiberglass unit as the Olivers and the Escapes will be better off than with most "stickies". Happy Holidays to you all.
  8. As an air card will be in the future, I am following your posts. Thanks for taking the time to share your information.
  9. If one has an aircard from Verizon, is it easy to check the usage to avoid monstrous charges? It certainly appears there is some "price fixing".
  10. Hi CarolAnn, Have you ventured out in your Oliver? If so, how was it?
  11. Thanks for the link. Dri-Dek has a minimum order of 12 12" X 12" tiles. Then one either has to find a use for the other eight or sell or give them away. I suppose one could form a co-op and do a joint purchase, but the Duragrid website has no such requirement.
  12. Thanks Earthdancer, When I start going on the road, I will. I have ATT and get blank spots on my Oregon trips even now. Fortunately there are fewer. I just wish they'd get below $60.00/month. They are all priced the same, which is fishy.
  13. I wonder if they'd merged with Verizon at that point. In any event, I looked it up for future service and found I couldn't sign up because of that. A belated Welcome to California! I hope you enjoyed your stay.
  14. Based on your comments, I looked it up in California. Alltel is currently unavailable. However, it appears that they are merging with Verizon. Hopefully it will remain as you have indicated. Peace and Sunshine
  15. Steve, Thanks for visiting and joining the Escape Forum. Thanks too for the invitation there. I've visited many times looking for answers and ideas and have long enjoyed this forum. Peace and Sunshine
  16. Dear Alex, Though I have yet to own a smaller travel trailer, I have done a lot of comparison shopping. You would be amazed at what a little interior decorating can do! You can change the inserts on the cupboards, the table tops, add window decor if you prefer the more conventional look. The quality equals, if not surpasses that of the Airstream. Additionally, the personalization more than tips the scale in favor of the Oliver for me. Additionally, the design area around the floor area adds more storage space and to the ease of cleaning. If you needed something to project outward from the countertop for food prep, I'm sure with the Oliver creativity (or your own) you could come up with a satisfactory solution. Happy choosing! Peace and Sunshine
  17. Welcome CarolAnn, With your experience you will do just fine. The hook-ups are the easy part. There are women's forums and solo traveler'shttp://www.casitaforum.com/ forums and a fiberglass rv forum as well:http://www.fiberglassrv.com/;http://www.womensrvforum.com/. These are but a few. Your tow vehicle might have its forum as well where towing is discussed. Example: http://www.siennaclub.org/ I have found these forums friendly and very helpful. I have seen the Oliver and it has so many more features, plus as you may have gathered by now, the Oliver folks are very good to work with. Peace and sunshine
  18. Thanks for the education! Does anyone know if there is some sort of surge protector? I was looking at the Casita forum http://www.casitaclub.com and there was a thread regarding problems at some campgrounds. One person's solution was to put a surge protector on before the shore hook-up(inside the trailer) so that it wouldn't get stolen. Is there any such animal on the Oliver? Peace and Sunshine
  19. Greetings all ... I'm new to this forum but not to RVs (we're on #4). I must say that I'm intrigued by the Oliver size / quality, the loyal owner community evidenced by this forum, and by the ability to customize the unit at the factory - it seems I spend the first few months with each rig adding this or changing that just to get things the way they should've been in the first place. We just got back from a 1,600 mile 9 day loop down into the Great Smokies with our current rig, a Dodge Ram 3500 SRW and a 26' Holiday Rambler TT. The $4.50 a gallon diesel got a bit old after the first 150 gallons or so. So something that might tow a bit easier and give us better mileage would be a good thing! One quick question that probably belongs in the FAQs. I searched but didn't find anything that clearly explains what the chrome pole inside the trailer is for and if it can be removed. I saw one post re: twin beds that implied it can be removed to make the one twin longer (good because I'm 6'1"). Also, are there any rumblings about a longer/wider unit at some point in the future? Thanks in advance! Stuart Hi Stuart, Welcome to the forum. While I have yet to acquire one of the magnificent Olivers, I have had a chance to check them out. I was told that the pole could be eliminated. However, that would obviously preclude the opportunity to use it to make make an interesting video. Peace and Sunshine
  20. http://www.fiberglassrv.com/index.html For you proud Oliver owners there is a chance in July to show off your "critter". Check out the gatherings in FGRV forum. It's on the Oregon Coast. I'm sure you will get lots of attention and "egg envy". Peace and sunshine
  21. Hi there, Hope everyone who is following this checks out the rest of your website. The mods are great too!
  22. http://oliver.hewus.com/ Thanks to bugz (aka Lisa and S.O.) this is a great site to check out uses for the Oliver along with clever modifications!
  23. I can almost taste all that wonderful food! Especially the fish! I think I've gained three pounds just viewing those great posts!
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