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  1. If you are a member of AAA they may offer driving classes in your area; I know they do here in Virginia.
  2. I have been using the same pin for almost 4 years and it looks like new; no issue at all.
  3. John: I have no pictures of the old or up graded Anderson WDH. The "whale tail" is different where it connects to the bottom of the trailer ball (this has been discussed several times in the past). I have not removed the trailer ball from the upgraded unit; since I am not having any issues, I don't see any reason to do so. So far we have put several thousand miles on the new up graded unit; with no issues in dry or wet weather. The up graded ball housing appears to have a little different taper than the old unit. The trailer ball retaining ring looks to be the same on both units.
  4. I up graded our Anderson hitch when it first became available; the cost was $100.00. They sent a complete new unit except for the stinger that goes into your vehicles trailer hitch, also no new chains. They sent instruction on how to return the old unit at their expense. I have had no issues with the new up graded Anderson hitch.
  5. [postquote quote=175475][/postquote] Mike: The original Anderson WDH had a white cone and a silver "whale tail"; Anderson sent me several white cones, which still had noise issue. Then they sent several black cones, which also had noise issue. After Anderson said they had an upgraded WDH that could be purchased for $100.00, I ordered the upgraded unit. Anderson sent a complete new WDH unit all but the black stinger that goes into your vehicle's trailer hitch and the chains. The upgraded unit has a red cone and a silver "whale tail". With the upgraded unit the "whale tail" does NOT have the complete circle ring that attached to the bottom of the trailer ball. The original "whale tail" had a complete circle ring that attached to the bottom of the trailer ball. Sorry but I don't have any pictures of the old or upgraded "whale tail". I have not had any issues with the upgraded unit; it is quiet and functions great. Like I said before, the original unit I could not turn the trailer ball by hand when the trailer was not attached (just as the Anderson videos indicates). But the upgraded unit that I purchased, I could turn the ball when the trailer in not connected. When the trailer is connected to the upgraded unit, you can not move the ball. If you look back in the Oliver Forum, sometime during 2017 or early 2018 is when Anderson addressed how you could obtain a upgrade and what the cost was associated with the upgrade. Also I believer there were pictures of the two different "whale tails".
  6. [postquote quote=175387][/postquote] Trainman: All the Anderson WDH videos are associated with the older style of the "whale tail"; I agree that you could not move the "whale tail" by hand on the older style of the "whale tail". In 2018 Anderson offered a new upgraded unit due to the noise and a few other issues users was having, for a small amount. This offer came from Sage Teichert via the Oliver Forum. I purchased the replacement unit. After I installed the upgraded Anderson WDH, I discovered that you could move the "whale tail" by hand when the trailer was NOT connected to the trailer ball. I sent Sage Teichert an email about being able to move the "whale tail" by hand when the trailer was not connected to the trailer ball. Below is the email reply from Sage Teichert with Anderson WDH about being able to move the trailer ball by hand: That is not unusual, the upgrade that you got has a little different geometry inside. The housing where the ball is, is much easier to turn by hand when the trailer is unhooked. It is quite easy to bump the bottom of the ball up a little with a block of wood or raise it with the tongue jack to release some of the pressure so it can be turned by hand. When the weight is put back on the ball the friction material does it's job and starts grabbing again. So far Anderson has not upgraded their videos to reflect the new "whale tail". Contact Sage Teichert with Anderson WDH, and check for yourself.
  7. Trainman: I never disconnect the Anderson WDH before backing into a camp site; there is just no reason. The triangular plate or "whale tail" can not be moved by hand after the trailer is connected to the trailer ball. But you can move the trailer ball by hand when the trailer is NOT connected to the tow vehicle. When I get ready to leave a camp site and the "whale tail" can not be connected to the trailer ball; I just raise the trailer off the ball and move the ball so that the "whale tail" can be reconnected. Most of the time there is no problem reconnecting the "whale tail"; after hooking up the trailer a few times to the tow vehicle it's just becomes a normal routine.
  8. Trainman: Since you have the newer Anderson WDH there is no issue when reconnecting your tow vehicle to the trailer. For any reason that you can not reconnect the “whale-tail”, just raise the trailer ball coupler so it is not touching the trailer ball. Then insert the pin that holds the “whale-tail” in position, then you can turn the trailer ball so the “whale-tail” can be connected. I could not do this with our original Anderson “whale-tail”, but a couple of years ago Anderson came out with an ungraded ball and “whale-tail” assembly that you could purchase of a small fee. Every since I replaced the complete assembly it has made it very easy to connect the “whale-tail” at any angle. You can not move the trailer ball with the “whale-tail” connector pin if the trailer is attached; just be sure the trailer is off the trailer ball completely. I have used this method many times when reconnecting the trailer and tow vehicle.
  9. There is a lot of issues with the Oliver Forum; Oliver should get someone in to handle the problems or take it off line.
  10. Vector: It appears you only got 3 years of life out of your AGM batteries; that is not much time for these batteries.
  11. I checked hull number 93 today and I can not see any signs of these issues on our trailer. I guess Oliver did a better job on the 2015 trailers.
  12. Bill: Did you have the rear camera mounted on the spare tire cover? If so, how has it worked out?
  13. Canivore: We also ordered our Oliver Elite II without solar and the inverter and have never regretted our choice. However we did opt for the (4) Trojan wet cell batteries; to me this is the best option that Oliver offers. Like you we camp around 35% of the time without any type of hookups and have stayed up to two weeks in national parks, with only recharging the batteries from our tow vehicle for approximately 30 minutes per day. During most of these two week periods we used the furnace at nights. The Oliver is our 7th travel trailer over the past 50 years and we have never had solar or a large inverter. We have used small inverters to charge small items but with the Oliver there are several USB ports that allow most items we use to be charged. At time we do carry a Honda 2000 generator in a custom build cargo carrier that inserts into the bike rack receiver on the rear of the Oliver. Enjoy your new Oliver Travel Trailer.
  14. John: I have been using the same system for eight years with no issues. My receiver goes to a blank readings when the battery dies.
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