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  1. We have been on the road now for 75+ days. Some of the roads we have traveled have been less then smooth.(Dirt,Gravel, BLM) While in Grand Junction CO, I was filling the propane tanks at Tractor Supply. I noticed both connections on the hoses at the tanks to the regulator had developed leaks. Holy s--t batman! Luckily, T.S. had Mr. Heater replacements. Replaced and rechecked for leaks, O.K. so far so good. Our hull #104 2015, Please remember to do a leak test on your hose fittings.
  2. I would like to offer some love to that old mare. I called Jason several months ago and scheduled a visit to the mothership next week. He informed me that the fix for the fresh water tank could be done in an hour or so. Come on in and we will get'er done. I am greatful for small favors, if it didn't work out, I was planning to ask to loan/rent the tool to install the mod myself. I know that experience in proceedures with plastic count for a lot in my book. I hope to observe and lend a hand so that I might be able to help another Ollie owner in the future.
  3. We found the picture we liked for the tire cover. Auto Arts in Raleigh NC had an artist on site to air brush a duplicate of the picture to the cover, and then they applied several coats of clear coat. Great job auto arts ! Disclosure, We are very proud of our son in law and daughter's business. (Auto Arts) http://www.autoartsinc.com/
  4. Larry, I found your article informative and reflective, we have made winter camping a seasonal routine. One of our favorite sites is Canaan Valley State park, it's open year round. Electric and sewer at each site with water and laundry available at the bath house. Activities include downhill and crosscountry skiing, snowshoe, and hiking. I am curious to know if and where you mounted your wave heater. Also did you run a dedicated gas line? Kenny and Kay
  5. Dave, Thanks for the photo. Looks like you are on to something... I was wondering if the tank in the photo was up side down? Could it be possible if one could remove the outflow adapter and modify it if a down-flow pickup in the tank? I haven't taken a look to see the outlet in the belly yet. Not sure where to start looking as we have a semi- permanent bed over the rear dinette.
  6. Your not the only one with a water tank issue, We seem to be sucking air near 25-30 percent also. Please keep us posted on what you find out from the tank factory. Kay and Kenny
  7. No it does't get in the way. REALLY helps with stability.
  8. Here are the pics of the front jacks. I missed the location, they were not at the bend in the frame, but about a foot aft from the bend, under the courtesy lite. Hope these pics help.
  9. My wife was tired of our Elite 2 being unstable when I was coming in and out of the front door. I do weight in at 175 lbs. So I had a pair of BAL screw type stabilizer jacks that were available and decided to mount them on the main frame channels near the point where the channel turns to the tongue. That is the same location just below the front outside LED courtesy light. I drilled 2 - 5/16" holes using a titanium bit into the frame and used the included self tapping screws which held firm. All in all the trailer is very stable when we are moving around. But I would like some feedback on the proper method of mating the steel screw to the aluminium frame. It has only been a month and I am willing to reinstall the jacks if I need to make modifications.
  10. ScubaRx Steve Thanks for the answer, I need to get aware of the upgrades and how they will make rv camping so easy. Kenny
  11. Hello all, Since the Elite II has stabilizer jacks, I was wondering if I would need a pair of the Andersen-3604 Camper Levelers? We used one with our Casita SD 17 at most sites and it was a breeze to bring the trailer level. Are the jacks strong enough to for lifting to level or is their purpose mainly for stability? Kenny Waiting for delivery
  12. Hello to all. We are Kenny and Kay from the coast of VA and are current owners of a 2002 17’ Casita Spirit Deluxe. Our camping experience in the past has migrated from tents, popups, toy haulers, and now a Casita. After touring the Oliver factory in April 2015, it didn’t take long to win us over. Our Elite II will be ready for delivery on Nov. 30, 2015. We are not full timers but enjoy traveling and are excited about our new Ollie trailer. When we soon retire we will be looking forward to more adventures. Kenny and Kay
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