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  1. Thanks, Bill. Installing in hot Texas weather helped. They’ve held up well on this trip.
  2. Henry’s Lake State Park, Idaho. Just outside of Yellowstone. 6600’, Lake formed from melted glaciers many thousands of years ago.
  3. Spent some time at Two Medicine campground at Glacier National Park. Views were breathtaking.
  4. We just left Glacier. Stayed at Two Medicine campground, views are breathtaking even with the clouds and rain. Crowds weren’t too bad, depending on where you’re at. Overnighting in Bozeman on our way to Yellowstone and Grand Teton.
  5. My Suburban water heater has had no problems in almost 4 years. We are boondocking in Roosevelt NP in North Dakota now with plenty of hot water. I don’t think it’s fair to say that all the original boards are junk. Some, maybe? Not an Oliver issue.
  6. Hey Andrew, welcome to the forum. John lays out some considerations worth thinking about. If you plan on keeping your current TV for a while the Elite would provide a better towing experience, especially in Colorado. If a new TV is near term I wouldn’t hesitate to get the bigger Ollie. I towed with a Tacoma, 6500lb tow capacity and 650lb tongue weight. It did fine but I upgraded after about 6 months - didn’t like the small gas tank and small bed/cargo capacity. Mike
  7. I’ve got the Ram Lone Star edition 1500, too. It’s a nice logo and translated nicely to your Oliver graphic. Looks good.
  8. Jeff, I should have checked with you first! Brilliant.
  9. I’m ambivalent on the stripes. I’ve thought about removing ours a couple of times, just never did it. I did have some custom graphics on the side in place of the Oliver Legacy Elite II that said The Lone Star Oliver. I took it off after a couple of years because I was tired of folks asking where in Texas it was made. When I explained it was made in Tennessee the question was why would they call it a Lone Star Oliver. I would explain that was our naming of our trailer and then I was asked “why would you want to do that?”. I thought about having a FAQ card made that I could just hand out but removing the confusing graphics won the day. Mike
  10. Congratulations and welcome! See you at the rally. Mike
  11. I’m going to install my new EZE gutters next week before we head north. I’ll take some pictures. Mike
  12. We’ve had a bunch of spam attacks this week. We’re leaving some up so the administrators can figure out what’s going on. Thanks.
  13. This looks better than the sites I’ve checked out. I’ll keep monitoring. Thanks. Mike
  14. Gary, thanks! I’ll add these to the itinerary, will ask Carol about the tea thing?! Great pictures, by the way. We were planning on taking our passports in case we wanted to venture north, sounds like something we should do. I have an ex-sister-in-law that lives in Whitefish and she is sending us some info on the area. Mike
  15. The administrators have been notified. I just deleted another account and the 6 associated spam emails.
  16. As we’re getting ready to leave next week I’ve been trying to check wildfire status. The Dakotas don’t look too bad but there does appear to be some activity in Montana and Wyoming. Does anyone have a favorite app or web site for checking wildfire status?
  17. Agree with Overland. We’ve been trying to keep up with the spammers. If you’re getting suspicious emails, let us know. If there are ways to tighten up the registration process we will consider all possibilities.
  18. We do the best we can to keep these spammers in check. We’ve been deleting these users and their posts all week. If a spam post is reported the moderators get an email so we’ll know to jump on the forum and clean things up. Mike
  19. Congratulations and welcome to the family. Let the fun begin!
  20. Glad it worked out. See you on the road!
  21. Looks like a new record was set for the forum last night with 22 users online at the same time. The old record of 21 lasted quite a while! Mike
  22. We do something similar. The sunshade provides a good anchor and holds well in up to moderate winds. We have the Fiamma awning.
  23. We do something similar. The sunshade provides a good anchor and holds well in up to moderate winds. We have the Fiamma awning.
  24. After using Rejex (61002) once I switched to Meguiars marine wax. The Rejex was hard to apply and difficult to wipe/buff off. The Meguiars was easy and so I use it often. Mike
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