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  1. PM Sent We will be passing through your area towing Ollie during October. Thanks,
  2. Here's how to find the Dexter axle lot serial number in the following link, if you don't have the owner's manual that BHNCB mentioned. Give Dexter's service department this number and they will email a PDF copy of the axle build sheet. This sheet has dimensions and Dexter part numbers that can be crossed over to your preference of seals/bearings. We buy our axle supplies from Redneck Trailer, there's a local store. There are large industrial supply chains like Motion Industries that have an assortment of bearings and seals, too. https://www.dexteraxle.com/docs/default-source/default-document-library/light-duty-axle-identificationb27a839d2ba463c18d7aff64007a4014.pdf?sfvrsn=0
  3. Here's a master switch (knife switch) like we use on Ollie's batteries to keep the batteries from discharging between camping trips, need to learn how to share a link with a few words like David: https://www.amazon.com/Wadoy-Battery-Disconnect-Terminal-Automotive/dp/B074GPSZS7/ref=sr_1_8?crid=17AONQCQ12DNV&keywords=battery+blade+switch&qid=1567651507&s=gateway&sprefix=blade+switch%2Caps%2C205&sr=8-8
  4. Bill, here's some additional photos. Connected # 4 pin to controller's + connection and # 1 pin to controller's - connection on the bottom right side of the controller, from receptacle shown in Bill's 7 pin diagram. Purchased 7 pin receptacle from Walmart. Used a worn out camera tripod. I should have installed a 5A inline fuse between controller's + pin to #4 pin in the 7 pin receptacle, too.
  5. John, In the last photo we were not using a lock, but we use a 10' bicycle type heavy cable with padlock to the suitcase carry handle. The panel can be locked to Ollie or picnic table.
  6. Tried out the 100W Renogy suitcase panel earlier this week with Ollie in the shade. Used three 12/2 cables about 12.5' each connected together with MC4 connectors measuring about 37' total from the panel to Ollie's Furrion solar port. Moved solar controller from solar panel to Ollie with about 2' of cable from the controller to the batteries. The system is working fine with two Duracell group 27 12V AGM batteries. Needed that much cable to reach an area out of the shade. Appreciate ideas shared here!
  7. Steve, Here's project photos from last year:
  8. John had it right @ 80 FT LBS, Found the Fastenal Torque Value calculator: SAE J429 Grade 8 bolt 1/2" coarse thread: Recommended torques: 79.8 FT LBS WET 106.4 FT LBS Dry https://www.fastenal.com/en/83/torque-calculator
  9. John, Our Grade 8 failures were with Fastenal, too. Permatex Anti Seize is a lubricant. This statement from the following link: "Torque-Tension Relationship" " When applying an anti-seize to your components, the torque value to achieve the same clamp load will be lower. If anti-seize is used with the torque specified for a dry assembly, you risk exceeding the proof load of the fastener." https://www.manufacturing.net/article/2013/04/understanding-true-value-anti-seize
  10. John, We had several failures with grade 8 bolts on one industrial application and found the bolts were torqued wet (oil used) at the dry torque value, Never Seize would probably have the same results as oil, if used. This was several years ago, but must have been the same bolt size because remember 80FT LBS dry for that application. Once we started torquing dry threads the issue went away. If you go with Bulldog's recommended grade 5, would torque to the dry value with dry threads.
  11. Mike, We camped at Buffalo Bill State Park North Fork, twice, it's between Cody and Yellowstone. Some of the sites have electricity/water and showers cost about 50 cents, very clean. Cody Laundromat on Beck Ave will wash & fold your clothes by the pound for a reasonable price, we found a nice place to eat while they took care of our clothes :). We like camping at Custer State Park Game Lodge Campground while visiting Badlands, Mt. Rushmore, and Sylvan Lake. Their restrooms are clean and they have a nice laundry, too. Bill
  12. Andrew, We had the same issue with the port side bed. Used thin gasket like material between the interior access door & interior hull over wheel well area under mattress and between the bed rail where it contacts the battery box enclosure under the pantry. Bill
  13. Finished installation today, used some ideas shared here. Our Ollie does not have solar charging system installed by Oliver. Already had a Renogy 100W suitcase portable solar panel. Used plastic cutting board as interior backing plate for the Furrion port. Also made two 12 1/2 foot solar cables out of 12/2 cable from Lowes with CNLINKO two pin connector to the Furrion port. Connected cables and solar panel together with MC4 connectors.
  14. John, Our battery compartment door seems too thin/flexible to me to mount a receptacle on, probably would be fine, but was not comfortable with that location. Going to look at Ollie in a few minutes at possible install locations from input and installations shown here, planning installation later this week. Thanks, Bill
  15. Wolfdds, Receptacle installation on the front LP gas cover with a 1/4" UHMW plastic backing plate and through bolts would work for initial testing. If I find the need to place the panel behind Ollie, could always add a second receptacle on the rear of Ollie, too. Thanks, Bill
  16. Question for everyone, if you were going to install one Solar receptacle on an Ollie, where would you install it? Like the looks of wolfdds installation, but also looking for the optimal location from folks experienced with solar panels. Getting ready to cut a hole in Ollie this week to mount a Furrion receptacle. Currently have 25' of exterior 12/2 cable to place the 100W Renogy Suitcase panel where needed. Planning to mount the waterproof Renogy solar controller in the battery compartment with the AGM batteries. Can also install the receptacle on the front of the LP gas cover, there's enough room in the existing hull loom hole under the LP gas cover for two more wires without cutting another hole in the hull. Thanks, Bill
  17. Greg, Wow, what a fine tow vehicle!!!! You will need to look in the mirror to be sure you have Ollie connected! My hitch is 23 1/2" top of the ball to ground before connecting Ollie. Probably have 1/2" of sag (with airbags) after connecting Ollie for a level to slightly nose high attitude.
  18. John (Raspy), Been looking at installation on the front of the LP gas bottle enclosure. There's enough room for two additional wires where Oliver ran the multi wire bundle in a loom through the front of the hull under the LP gas enclosure. Would need to fish the wires out under the black water tank running to batteries. Currently connecting the 100W panel to the trailer 7 pin connector until installing something better. Anderson connectors look rugged. Bill
  19. Mike and John, Been reading post here about connecting the 100W panel with an exterior receptacle to Ollie. Thanks for the ideas, will post results! Bill
  20. Mike, Is your solar receptacle the TOEDUK SAE socket on your Ollie? Been thinking about installing a Furrion receptacle I've seen on other Ollies until seeing your setup, nice job! Just installed the waterproof Renogy controller on our Renogy 100W suitcase and it's working great! https://www.amazon.com/Toeduk-Weatherproof-sidewall-Waterproof-Connect/dp/B07FVQ39HW/ref=sr_1_14?keywords=rv+solar+plug&qid=1562501283&s=gateway&sr=8-14 Thanks, Bill
  21. Greg, I was looking at the same mod for the Tundra and asked about it here, JD replied and thought it would ride rough. Already have Firestone airbags on a Tacoma for 8 years, decided to install a set of Firestone airbags on the Tundra last May. Run 20PSI in the airbags getting rid of 2" of rear end sag with the front and rear axle weights within 50 pounds of each other with Ollie connected. Placed the valve stems where screws secure the rear license plate. It's easy to add or let air out. Run 5PSI when not towing.
  22. Greg, Sounds like a stout 1/2 ton pickup. Recommend checking your Sierra owners manual to verify the following information is correct for your TV. Found this online about the 2018 Sierra 1500 4X4 Crewcab Shortbed (could not find double cab short bed) with Ecotec 3 6.2L engine and max trailering package. From what I'm reading online WDH is required when towing over 7000 pounds. In some cases depending on vehicle/trailer loading and handling, a WDH still may be needed below 7000 pounds trailer weight. All of us load our trailers and TV differently. I still pull TV/Ollie rig over a CAT scale annually to be sure I'm not exceeding any maximum weight capacities (axles/GVW) and I'm within operator's manual requirements. (Automatic transmission with conventional ball hitch section) https://www.gmc.com/trailering-towing/towing-charts
  23. Closely inspected our 2015 Ollie's frame several times and have not found any issues with welds or signs of fatigue. Our Ollie has been towed between 30,000 to 40,000 miles miles so far (purchased used). Replaced the Maxx Roof Fan, 3" black tank valve, Furrion AM/FM/DVD player, and power supply (non-solar) so far. We're very happy with Ollie, just returned yesterday from another camping trip in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Heading back again during July to get out of the heat here at home. Plenty of interest in Ollie wherever we go and folks want to know if it's new because of the beautiful exterior and interior finish.
  24. Don't know the law as well as Bill! :) Folks always seem to get in some of the photos, but didn't post those!
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