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  1. David, You and Susan embraced this rally and described it better than I could ever have done. Thank you for sharing your great experience in words AND pictures! https://olivertraveltrailers.com/topic/inyan-2019-a-south-dakota-rally/page/2/#post-197619 http://davidstravels.net/2019/09/15/inyan-trailer-rally-in-south-dakota/
  2. New Program Added! After your morning coffee, stick around Sunday at 8:30am for Beachcombing Biology: the stories your beach finds tell, featuring all types of beachcombing treasures such as shells, egg cases, UFOs (unidentified found objects), bones, etc. There will be interactive board games to play on (Beach Bingo and Shell Bingo) – matching the item with its correct common name. This program is presented by Terri Kirby-Hathaway, Marine Educational Specialist with NC Sea Grant, and contributing author of North Carolina’s Amazing Coast. In addition, she has some door prizes for correct answers to her trivia questions. Terri will have copies for her book for purchase, North Carolina’s Amazing Coast: Natural Wonders from Alligators to Zoeas, and she’ll be happy to autograph any of those that are purchased. We'll send registered participants an updated schedule Oct. 1st. (We're currently working on another rally treat for you...)
  3. Eggshells in The Outer Banks Free Site Giveaway! Camp Hatteras is sponsoring a free campsite for the rally weekend. That's a full-hook up site for 3 nights, and access to all the amenities. If you'd like to join us, sign up now! Drawing will close and the winner will be contacted on September 30, 2019. Please one entry per person. If you've already registered with the rally, you've been automatically entered for a chance to win, so no extra signup on your part. Follow this link to win a chance at the free site giveaway and join us in the Outer Banks: https://jpatane.wufoo.com/forms/z1wni3yf0x3t2p7/ Registered participants should have received an email earlier today that links the Schedule of Events and a trivia map, along with other OBX news. We’ve also updated the rally website for everyone. NOTE: The last day to reserve online is October 2, 2019. There will be a registration fee increase for walk-ins after the online cut-off date.
  4. Hey SeaDawg, WOW! Oliver posts HUGE images. Sorry to hear you don't have access to the posts. I thought it was public. I'll post the most informative screenshot thus far, but I'm sure the chatter will continue. It was like kicking an ant mound. Essentially, it sounds as if people who still want to gather at that time of of the year are choosing between 1 of three Alabama COE sites that hosted GE&H throughout the years, without any official leadership. I'll eventually update the rally's Website, but I have the OBX rally as my focus right now, and I need to give GE&H some time to regroup as it may.
  5. RV Compass no longer managing GE&H RV Compass was set to release a reservation form for Green Eggs and Ham next week when recreation.gov shuts the Pickensville campground's site down for the winter. The system was set up to have individual sites assigned for the rally. We were initially informed that Pickensville wouldn't have their reservation system open for next year right now, but apparently they do and this has proven to be a SNAFU for us, as some individuals jumped the gun. Some people have bypassed instructions for reservations and already taken the prime sites near the event pavilion. These sites were going to first be offered to the event leads, because they're the volunteers who need to be close to the pavilion for their supplies and managing their events. RV Compass is no longer managing the 2020 Green Eggs and Ham due to the current lack of control for sites, and some people’s inability to wait for a collaborative registration system. Please refer to www.casitaforum.com as far as how the rally will be directed from here.
  6. We Dare You I write this to y’all as Dorian dumps a bucket of water on us and sends puffs our way… It’s not our first hurricane Rodeo. In fact, this year we’ve taken on the rally theme, “We Dare You”. Camp Hatteras is located in Dare County, NC. Named after Virginia Dare, the first English child born in a New World overseas. The Outer Banks folks are pros and everyone needs to take "recovery" lessons from them. Your concerns are recognized, however, I have the confidence in our camp to pull it off. Only if another hurricane is imminent on our rally weekend (like Matthew), Camp Hatteras will make it happen. I'm currently returning from the SD rally, Inyan, sitting in a McDonalds parking lot for the night (and thank you McD for free, super strong wi-fi) just 100 miles out of Wilmington, NC. The wind gives just a gentle rocking in the trailer, and I know where I'm going for a fast breakfast and coffee in the morning. So far, all roads are passable. The best part about all this pelting rain is the plethora of dead insects and birds stuck to my car and trailer from the long road trip, which are naturally getting pressure-washed away. Makes the destination wash down SO much easier! I know that our OBX camp will be ready for us as they have multiple years in the past. That's why we're the salty adventurers who Dare… So join us salty, sandy adventurers. “We Dare You!”
  7. Exciting News! For those of you who are arriving at least a day early for Inyan, you’ll be here for a major festival just a few miles up the road from the campground. It’s the annual Fall River Hot Air Balloon Festival. The aerial show of balloons, gliders, skydivers will be at the nearby airport, and a full weekend of fun activities are planned in downtown Hot Springs! Learn more about the event: https://www.fallriverballoonfest.com/ Get the full event schedule here: https://www.fallriverballoonfest.com/schedule More about the town of Hot Springs: http://www.hotsprings-sd.com/ I’ll be on the road starting Wednesday, August 14<sup>th</sup>, so Internet access will be infrequent at best. I’ll see Inyan attendees soon and will be back online around the first week of September.
  8. Learn all about this 10-Year Anniversary Rally at: http://www.rvcompass.com/GEHrally/ Registration Update In Mid-September, we’re planning to open registration for a milestone rally, the 10-year anniversary of Green Eggs and Ham! Taking place in a new Alabama campground location From March 11-15, 2020, we’re prepping for the largest gathering ever. Spend a week next March to get your green on with other leprechauns in the woods along an active Alabama waterfront, the Aliceville Lake/Tombigbee River in the Pickensville COE Campground. Initially a Casita/molded fiberglass trailer gathering, Green Eggs and Ham has grown to be one of the largest annual southeast rallies that welcomes all Egg brands…as well as other campers. Just bring your green! (and a few Dr. Seuss books if you’d like). We found a posted by a tent camper, Frazier Douglass, who stayed at the Pickensville Campground. If you haven't been to this campground yet, the video gives you an idea of the campground setting and of the barge and vessel activity along the Tombigbee River.
  9. Only for the Salty Adventurers 2019 is shaping to be the best educational event yet. Set in one of the most dynamic geologic locations on Earth, this strip of ever-shifting sandy land will make you appreciate the planet we occupy. Carry your trailer wheels to a place that we can experience an ever-changing environment and the salty souls who inhabit it. To top off the video posted on the rally's site: Ribbon of Sand - North Carolina's Outer Banks, we also encourage you to watch the YouTube video that presents the new Bonner Bridge, which is a vital part to safe navigation for NC. The Oregon Inlet remains one of the most dangerous passages for any vessel anywhere on the East Coast and unless you’re bringing your camper via ferry system, you’ll be travelling over the new Bonner Bridge.
  10. Hi mokid, We certainly don't get the numbers as a titled Oliver rally, but we do get many attendees and the Oliver owners at the last event were inundated with showing requests. I'd recommend to decide beforehand if you want to "show", and if so, make appointment times so you can also enjoy personal time.
  11. Pineknot Rocks! It's such an eclectic, funky place with so much history, The Roost featured a follow-up rally digest of the event in an article last year. The Roost - December 2018 Events Tons of fiberglass trailers and fun. The more you explore the property, the more you discover and dig it.
  12. Celebrate the 100th Anniversary of Custer State Park Be a part of the South Dakota Game, Fish & Parks 100 years of outdoor traditions and celebrations! Only during the Inyan Rally weekend, The Black Hills Playhouse and Black Hills Energy, in association with TigerLion Arts, presents Nature, an outdoor walking play celebrating the dynamic connection between humanity and the natural world in five performances from Thursday, August 29 through Sunday, September 1. Learn more about this once-in-a-lifetime event: https://www.blackhillsplayhouse.com/nature
  13. Last Week to sign-up for rally On July 29th the registration will close for Inyan. If you’re interested in attending this remarkable rally, please register on the rally website by Sunday, July 28th. http://www.rvcompass.com/Inyan/register.html The schedule of events will follow for participants after registration closes.
  14. Itinerary Input Requested If you signed up for Inyan, then you should have received an email today with a link to a checklist form to let us know what your interests are. We're currently compiling the itinerary, and we'll have an information-packed event! If you haven't registered yet, it's not too late. A few sites are still open in the first lakefront campground, and the second campground, Rush-No-More RV Resort, still has several sites, musicians and a beer garden waiting our arrival. Sign up for the rally and get the current details! Rally Website: http://www.rvcompass.com/Inyan/register.html
  15. The SD state park reservation window is now open for rally dates, and you can come early if desired. Note that most sites fill up in Angostura Recreation Area within a week of their reservation opening, so we encourage you to sign up ASAP. To attend the event, register with Inyan ($25 rig fee) and receive further reservation details: Register Here If you have not made reservations yet for the second half of the rally, then please refer to the Inyan Website on how to book with Rush-No-More RV Resort. http://www.rvcompass.com/Inyan/register.html The schedule of events will be emailed to registrants about a month before the rally. Please check out the resourceful links our website to help you plan a monumental South Dakota visit!
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