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  1. Made our reservation for F 42. Cant wait. It will be nice to meet everyone in forum we are reading on so much.
  2. When I look at your Oliver it makes me smile:)
  3. This is what we did to stop the kitchen drawers and night stand from opening. We didnt have a problem with stuff crashing to the floor, but after seeing photos we thought we should come up with something. Adams Manufacturing makes the suction cups in the usa. They work really great. Down side is you have to buy a bulk amount. We got a spool of shock cord and attached with tie wraps and just put them on when we travel. Then they just hang up in the closet when we are camping. But we are finding all kinds of cool uses for them. Havent even started thinking of outside uses yet:) janet g
  4. I used a SeaChoice product # 50-38291, 7/8 60 degree end rail fittings and 7/8 SS tubing. And yes the sealant is around the screws. The only trick to the install is using the right size drill bit and counter sinking the hole so the gel coat does not pop. Easy install works great.... Greg
  5. Yes in house. All marine grade SS hardware and screws. Used 3M 5200 marine sealant. And yes its a towel rack on the left.
  6. This is what we installed. It has worked out very well. The wife is happy so I am happy. Hope this help. Greg
  7. Don I Have a 3000 watt Yamaha gererator/ inverter but is stays at home. It's used mostly for if we lose grid power after a storm/ hurricane. Most of my off grid camping here in Florida is done during the winter and no AC needed. The solar and AGM batteries work great. Down the road I will get a 2000 watt Yamaha but that will be for just for topping off the batterys if I don't have sun for a few days. With the Easy Start the 2400 watt gererator should work ok. The 2000 watt my or my knot work in this case bigger if better. Greg
  8. Don, Last weekend I installed the Micro air Easy Start on Ollie. I started with 49.21 amps finished with 13.38. Running amps about 10-11 amps. You will need at least a 2000 watt generator to run the AC. Greg
  9. I just washed our linens we purchased for Ollie yesterday, and we still have over a month to wait to p/u. The excitement builds as it gets closer. janet g
  10. We have reservations for Juniper Springs on our way back from getting Ollie in Feb. We will look for you when we are there. Have never stayed in Ocala. Very excited about it all. Enjoy the Everglades. We are finally getting a little cooler weather this week. janet g
  11. They offer a hitch. We ordered it on ours for our bikes. Email Anita, and she will send you a picture. I am not that technical to know how to put the picture on here. I think it was 400.00. janet gato
  12. I agree. Hopefully weather will be good. We will head back to Florida pretty quick. We are not experts on driving in ice and snow. Are you near Murphy NC ? We have a cabin there. Neighbor sent us a picture on Christmas morning. Pretty much under water with all the rain. janet
  13. Congratulations. We are so excited for you. We pick ours up on Feb.22. How far south are you going on your trip? Did you leave the very back mirror facing forward in a mirror finish or is it the reflection of the camera? Love the pictures. That is how we ordered ours also with the black finish. enjoy greg and janet
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