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  1. Kartchner Caverns State Park-Arizona
  2. Hi Foy We are interested in a shower mat for our Oliver (#141). One question before we begin is that our shower has a pop up drain that needs to be depressed while on the road to prevent backflow. Are the rubber feet high enough to allow for when it is popped up? Not sure if your Oliver employs the same drain mechanism. Thanks Bob (Tralien on the forums)
  3. Thank you Dave, The plant suggested the same balance between strike and hinge adjustments as well as confirmation of a spacer behind the latch. Although improved we still have the occasional failure. If a quarter turn latch was available, or latches akin to what is used on the closet or pantry, I'd switch them out. Bob
  4. Any equally clever suggestions for the mirrored cabinet doors? Bob
  5. Love it. We use an old drum from a washing machine for the same purpose.
  6. Hi GrayGhost Our experience with the overhead cabinet doors mirrors (intentional) that of Buzzy's without the band aids. We routinely tape the doors closed with painter's tape to keep them closed while en route. Tommy provided instructions for adjusting the latches but slight tightening renders the latch useless.
  7. Welcome to the forum. Your blog comments mirror my wife's first impression of RV interiors:"how many dull fabrics can be embellished with arrow head and antler patterns?" That coupled with crown molding set us on a path for a clean and functional alternative. We are new owners (May) and like some others on this exchange are working through the nuances between tent and RV camping. Don mentions above that the transition need not be painful, it has been a joy for us. The forum members are clever, funny and most of all generous. You'll blend well. Bob and Camille
  8. We are organized in a very similar way as Buzzy. Plumbing, electrical, chocks and braces in the basement-in essence set up and tear down. We carry the same sewer hoses and a 25' black tank rinse hose in the bumper. Our Oliver is not at the house so chairs, tables etc. are stored on the trailer floor but transferred to the back of the truck prior to hitting the road. From our previous trips most of these items have found assigned seating and the travel day transfer is pretty simple. Scubarx has a nice bed slide that I'm envious of and we plan to employ the same for future travels. Hope this helps.
  9. We are also with AAA. Annual coverage for the Oliver added $335.00 with $500 deductible for comprehensive. My experience with AAA claims over thirty-five years has been extraordinary albeit limited.
  10. We chose the camper shell. One of the trade offs that comes with the Oliver's size, construction and technology is a bit less storage space for bulky items. These need to go in the truck. A sliding/rolling tonneau cover sat a bit lower than the bed rails and we needed to pack a few items that would have been too tall to close and lock the cover. Our travel plans include combining campgrounds and hotels and we need secure storage. The second influence was grandchildren. Oliver has three beds and we have three grandchildren that are too young to sleep outside on their own-grandpa sleeps outside. A fitted air mattress goes a long way in making this comfortable. Camper shell avoids camper's hell.
  11. Thanks Coy The pictures would be terrific. Now about Old Timers Memory, what was I supposed to ping you on..... Talk to you in 2-3 weeks, Bob
  12. Coy Do the Oliver containers rest on the contents below or are they suspended above wiring, plumbing etc.? Terrific videos Buzzy! Thanks, Bob
  13. With regards to the generator dilemma we have been using them considerably less than anticipated. That being said, we were poised to purchase the Yamaha 2000 (times 2 for the AC) due to reviews, fuel gage and petcock. We ended up purchasing an offering through Costco with Yamaha engines with identical features for close to 1/2 the cost. The link is depicted below: http://www.costco.com/Smarter-Tools-2000-watt-Parallel-Capable-Inverter-Generator-with-Yamaha%C2%AE-Engine.product.100121916.html So far we are very satisfied. Bob
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