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  1. Here is how I did it. It fits perfectly in tray https://www.rvgeneratorbox.com
  2. I went the path of using 12.9-inch iPad Pro with a suction mount and accessing Directv Now. The screen resolution and quality is amazing and the tablet has a million and one uses even when you are not in your Oliver. Since I have an AT&T Unlimited data plan there is no data charges and I can access all my home Directv programming and content. Coming soon will be access remotely to your DVR as well.
  3. Would you could consider using one or two 12.9‑inch iPad Pro mounted on removable and adjustable Ram Mounts? https://www.fosimg.com/images/CatalogItemVariation/272345/RAM-Mounts-43999-GPS-Accessory_330x280.jpg https://mounts.factoryoutletstore.com/details/518094/RAM-Mounts-9-Inch-Extruded-Aluminum-Tough-Track-RAM-TRACK-EXA-9.html?category_id=0&catalogitemid=468171
  4. Here’s one option if you want it to be temporary plus heavy duty enough to hold the weight of a full length clothesline. https://www.seasucker.com/products/4-5-seasucker-with-stainless-steel-d-ring-black One of these at diagonal corners of your Oliver with a clothesline wire and tension spring and you are good to go. You can use 1 outside as well with the other end going to a tree or your tow rig. Enjoy
  5. Here is my Stinky-Slinky alternative. Pro's: no moving parts (like with a mechanical macerator) with all functions visible through the clear plastic. Hose takes very little space and is easier to handle. The internal water jet does a great job with creating a siphoning effect to get fluids to travel uphill or without gravity effects through the entire tube length. If anything clogs up, it is an easy fix (remove the fitting once all water has drained out and dump clog in a doggie poop bag). Very little setup time or fuss. Con's: You need decent water pressure at the site to maximize the breakup capability of the high-pressure nozzle. The smaller hose takes longer to dump Black & Grey tank but does help clean out hose and fittings. You will need to run another water hose to your setup to use (but use the same hose as blackwater tank clean-out). BTW - I keep the factory supplied stinky slinky as an emergency backup. Parts: Valterra SS01 Sewer Solution Kit with 10 Ft Hose $75.71 Amazon Valterra SS15 Sewer Solution 15 Ft Extension Hose $40.33 Amazon Valterra T1022 10" Clearview Adapter $20.78 Amazon Valterra T1026-1 45° Clearview Adapter with 3" Bay Lug $9.95 Amazon
  6. I've had several questions on where the my Exterior Wifi/Cellular Antenna was mounted. Here is a picture...
  7. We store ours at a neighborhood storage center in a 12’ x 25’ storage unit.
  8. Rideaduece, Yes there is a Magnetic Mount Roof Top Bracket that can also be mounted with epoxy to allow for surface mounting. See attached link http://www.taoglas.com/product/torus-mmb-a-extma-31/ Thanks --- Jim
  9. Could anyone help recommend (or post a picture) of what they carry in their Oliver as mechanical backup/replacement parts such as spare fuses, washers, shear pins, etc.? Thanks
  10. Reed, The factory installs the Carefree awning crank now in the closet since it has the bend in the handle it no longer fits between the closet & entry doors. Also, I listed the dimensions of the Viking LP tanks above for reference. Thanks --- Jim
  11. They are approximately the same size as a 30lb steel propane tank. I also think that the lighter weigh help reduce young weight as well. Here is the comparison: Viking Cylinder 22 lbs - Gallons: 5.24 Height: 22.5" Diameter: 12" 17 lbs - Gallons: 4.20 Height: 18.3" Diameter: 12" Standard Steel Propane Tank 20 lbs Steel Tank Gallons: 4.7 Height: 18" Diameter: 12.5" Weight Full: 37 lbs 30 lbs Steel Tank Gallons: 7 Height: 24" Diameter: 12.5" Weight Full: 55 lbs
  12. Overland, CradlePoint does have a 5in1 antenna on their website that amplifies both the Cellular, GPS, & WiFi signal which would be more than capable of reaching your tow car and a 50-yard radius around your trailer. The antenna is made by Pantheon Antenna SKU: 170654-000. I PM'ed you additional info. Thanks --- Jim
  13. They may be large file size pictures and take a while to upload.
  14. Here is a great one that I learned from the Marine Industry: Viking Composite LP Tanks 22 Pounds each. Half the weight of steel tanks and they do not rust. Plus they are see-thru so you always can visually inspect your propane levels. Does require you to install an RV mount tray in place of the standard mount since these tanks have a flat bottom. Tanks were $149 each on Amazon and RV Mount is $40 direct from Viking Cylinder web store.
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