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  1. HAHA! Yes the dogs got an apology. :-) But they've got it pretty good all in all.
  2. Figured out why I was able to use my heater with AC fan turned on HI (without the AC coming on) for the past two weeks. ..because I had not been plugged in for those two weeks. I had only been using the heater when unplugged. Plugged in yesterday and therefore the AC was powered up! Snap!
  3. George and Gretchen, Ha! Got it. :-) Thank you. Weird I've been using it daily for 2 weeks and well all was fine. Sneaky dogs probably sabotaged it in retaliation for not getting enough exercise. Meekly, Carole
  4. LOL!! John, I just deleted that email because Jason emailed me and explained that to me. Thank you so much for contacting me with that info. I guess my solar problems have made me a little jumpy! I've been using the heater for a couple of weeks now and don't remember changing the fan setting today - must have accidently done it. So I set it to auto - and that so far is keeping AC off and the heat on. I'm gonna be wiz bang smart about this trailer one day......
  5. Thanks George and Gretchen. :-) Sad thing is the monitor actually went bonkers again today! Yikesolla! Ryan is sending me a new 2512 and also a new phone cord. Not sure how I'm going to get the phone cord connected yet - as it is snaked through the wall. I'll figure it when the time comes. I'll let the group know how things turn out. I think this is some sort of personal test for me. ;-)
  6. Why thank you. It's hard to get a bad picture of the Ollie.....it's just so darn good looking. ;-)
  7. Thanks Scotty, Turns out I needed to replace the IPN remote unit. Ryan at Blue Solar got me all fixed up!
  8. Sorry I had two different posting for this content -- I was doing it by my phone and it got a bit tedious. Got everything worked out now so I can use my computer....... SO much easier! Hey so all is good now!! Thank you to everyone who has been so helpful. 1 - My Prowatt GFI needed to be reset at the main box under the seat.....finally figured out there was one there also. 2- Progressive surge protector will only illuminate if trailer is plugged in. I was beginning to suspect this but am not anywhere near plug-in. Jason from Oliver contacted me and confirmed. 3 - Blue Sky - My IPN remote was defective. Ryan at Blue Sky traded it out for me and it's working like a champ now!!! Love solar!! I hope posting all my naïve errors and the solutions will help someone else down the line. :-) Happy travels everyone!
  9. Bill, Yes i saw that! I wanted to get a chance to do that before i replied. Sounds like a solution as the symptoms are the same. Feeling very hopeful about it. :-) Thanks all for taking the time to help on this holiday! Merry Christmas!
  10. Yes it appears so. I haven't really done much with it but Bluetooth function. Radio works - can't get am for some reason. Also no sound from tv to stereo - but I was reading posts that this is a simple wire switch for me....was planning to tackle that later.
  11. That's pretty hilarious actually because I haven't been able to turn the extra button on the wall off - turns out I just was not holding down long enough. Thanks!! On the other hand if this is on, then according to Randys' thoughts my outlets should have power available. They don't.
  12. My Bluetooth on the stereo was working great for a few days paired with my phone and my kindle. The other morning it just started giving high pitched tone over speakers. It's doing this also when in Bluetooth setting and nothing paired to it. The volume of tone adjusts with volume knob. So my assumption is that it's the furrion. Anybody else experienced this and come up with a solution? I haven't found anything on web searches.
  13. Bill, only things in my pantry is food and this access port - just a jumble of wires in there. Battery compartment - only batteries. I thought the prowatt is my inverter - which is under seat access in back and turned on. Steve n Betty, ugh I hope I can fix and not need to replace. I've already given up on Anderson hitch which eventualy went to the dump. I hope to keep this other big ticket item functioning!! :-)
  14. Pantry? What's that? The microwave area? I opted out on the microwave - that area is just an empty wood box......
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