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  1. Keep the Series coming. I'm enjoying the heck out of it.
  2. Great story. Add that to the long list of things I never knew. I've found a couple hundred arrow heads in south Texas and always wondered, where did these Indians camp in this thorn infested country and what in the world did they have for foot wear. As far as snakes go, was dove hunting with a friend and his Lab was bit in the neck by a 4 foot rattler. Got him right below the jaw line. The dog laid around for about a week and swelled up pretty bad. No vet visit or medicine and after that week swelling went down and the dog returned to normal. That was a great hunting dog before and after the bite.
  3. Boondocking - Taking my camper into the wilderness where there are no hookups and camping in my nice big camper using minimal electricity based on what I can recharge from solar. Real Boondocking does not include generator noise and there are no signs of a picnic table or KOA anywhere in sight. The fewer people the better but if they are extremely quiet, I can deal with a few. Rare is the quiet camper to meet my needs. Base Camping - Loading my Car/Truck/Whatever up with tent and supplies to go camping. This is also what I call remote camping and there are no facilities available other than a stream nearby or more wilderness. This is really all I have ever done. Off the grid - Well this has many interpretations now days as it is truly difficult to get more than a 1oo miles from the next Walmart. Off the grid to me is out in the wilderness away from all other humans, down some remote logging road where its just me and the peace and quiet of nature. #4 is a combo pack of the three above. These are just my opinions and of course the only way I have ever camped. Here's to hoping my future has much of this type of camping but in an Oliver of course.
  4. Is it bad to be jealous of all of you people living my dream? Awesome pictures and story.
  5. Nice thread here. I like the ideas and think the canary system will be great as long as you are connected to Wi-fi. I'm just guessing it relies on Wi-fi to work?
  6. Really enjoyed the blog and video. All our tent camping as a family was at higher elevations. Low to non-existent humidity, low 30's in the morning, the smell pines and stars that never seem to stop.
  7. So has there been any more communication regarding the possibility of converting the black tank to a fresh water tank? That is an interesting concept and as a super newbie it seems that an RV without a black tank would be an oddity but I could be wrong.
  8. Name is Tom. Victoria, Texas is my home. I am very interested in this Oliver machine and right at 2 1/2 years away from buying a fiberglass trailer. Haven't decided which one yet but these forums are a gold mine of information and this Oliver seems to be one of, if not the best. I wanted to just toss out a quick message so anyone seeing me in the background hiding and wandering aimlessly doesn't report me. LOL! Anyway, I am now a member of 4 RV forums and one thing I've noticed is how helpful everyone is. What an awesome group of folks. As I get closer to a purchase I am sure I will begin asking many questions. So, thank you for sharing all the valuable information. Maybe someday I can help out a future Lurker like myself.
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