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  1. Ah, the advantages of buying an RV "built to order" instead of taking whatever the dealer has on his lot. For example, sometimes less can be more. When we ordered our Ollie we asked that the entertainment center be deleted and Oliver credited us $$$ for the unused equipment. The wiring was installed, however, in case of a later install. The holes for the equipment were not cut out. The result looks good and we don't have to drag around equipment that we would never use. Len
  2. I don't like carrying gasoline anywhere other than the vehicle's gas tank. Cans mounted on the outside of the car or trailer are a live bomb in a collision. We solved the problem with a dual fuel generator and an LP quick disconnect option from the factory.
  3. Linda and I picked up our new Ollie in March of 2016 and have since put over 8000 miles on it. We live two hours west of Seattle on the beautiful Olympic Peninsula (yes, there's still land out here!) and all our friends and relatives are in the midwest, the northeast, or Florida. We plan for lots of road miles. The Oliver 23 1/2 footer is the perfect long-haul road trailer. It's big enough for comfort, but small enough to handle easily on the road.
  4. Hi Jaque It sounds like your truck just might be sufficient to pull a 5000 pound Ollie down the road. We also believe in massive overkill in a tow vehicle. We tow Legacy Elite II with a Nissan NVP 3500 making our rig about 45 feet long. Since we picked up the trailer in March, 2016, we have accumulated over 8000 trailer miles. Suggestion #1: Get the backup camera and USE IT. When I tried backing into the driveway without using the camera I backed into the second story deck and cleaned the camera right off the trailer. Replacement camera was $300. I am also considering side cameras since the monitor will accept 2 wired cameras in addition to the wi-fi camera. Suggestion #2: Before driving on any gravel or narrow road, disconnect and check it out first. After boldly entering one such road, it took the towing company all afternoon to free first our trailer and then our tow car from a sand trap. Suggestion #3: Don't always trust your GPS. Ours led us in circles around a development with very narrow streets that we should not have ever gotten into, and down a gravel road with a sand trap at the end. Len R.
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