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  1. I just this morning made my reservations. For some months, I have been suffering from a wrenched shoulder which precluded me from driving; it is now beginning to heal. The pain has greatly diminished and my Range of Motion is coming back, thus I felt optimistic about being able to attend. It is a long trip from California to Alabama but I am looking forward to being at the Rally and meeting some of the inventive folks that made changes to their Oliver that I have emulated. Thanks so much for sharing your expertise. Additionally, this will give me an opportunity to go to the Mother Ship after the Rally and have some changes made to my TT. I agree that it would be nice to have some form of a Oliver get together in the West. In one of Newsletter articles I solicited other owners to indicate an interest in this but only received one reply. I don't know if it was disinterest in getting together or no one reads my articles. In any case I am still open to that possibility. Perhaps, at the Rally, I can meet others who might have a similar interest. Frank McMichael (Mendofrank) - 2015 Legacy Elite II - Twinbed
  2. Due to unexpected health complications, I will not be able to attend the RTR, the Big Tent or Oliver meet ups. I am disappointed that I will not have the opportunity to meet with the Oliver owners who may attend but sometimes events overtake plans. Good luck to all in your travels. Frank McMichael
  3. Floyd, Thanks for the response and your interest. I am hoping the Quartzite gathering will provide a discussion time for planning. I will keep you updated as I can. If you know some good locations to suggest for a gathering, please do so. Frank
  4. I would definitely be interested in a meet-up of Oliver owners. I will be having an article in the January Oliver Newsletter, entitled Lost Coast - Mattole River Campground where I ask if there is any interest of California/Oregon Oliver owners for a get together. To my mind, one of the objectives for a get together, after fellowship and friendship, would be the sharing of our respective knowledge about good places to camp. I am unfamiliar with Emma State Beach but would be open to the experience. My thinking was that a late spring or early summer event would be nice, provided that weather and other exigencies allow. This past year was difficult for winter and spring camping because of the heavy rains and then the triple digit summer followed by extensive fires are examples of what I mean about exigencies; my area (Mendocino and Sonoma counties) lost over 8,000 structures and nearly a hundred people. As you asked, I will think about possible locations, however my general thought would be to see who would be interested, where they are located and then see if a camp place could be found that is central to most for traveling. If we meet at Quartzite maybe more extensive planning could be accomplished. Mendofrank - Hull 101 frank@frankcamp.net
  5. I will be going to the Rubber Tramp Rendezvous (RTR) Jan. 10-21 and then plan on remaining for the Big Tent. Would very much like to meet-up with other Oliver owners. Especially would like to connect with owners located in the northern California - southern Oregon area. Frank McMichael Hull101
  6. Last October I picked up my twin bed, Legacy Elite II, spent some time visiting friends and family on the Eastside (of the Mississippi) and returned home by November in time for my grandson's wedding. On my return trip, I started to not feel well but passed it off as too much sitting from driving. I had some problems with my Oliver requiring shop time and was not able to travel before Christmas, as I had hoped. (Oliver was great about working with the local shop for fixing my problems) Shortly after the first of the year, I nearly died from renal failure, (living a short distance from an emergency room made a difference). The cause of the renal failure was advanced prostate cancer which had also spread to my hips, spine and neck. After months of chemo, I am finally able to think about using my Oliver for the primary reason I bought it - boondocking. Doc says I can, if I am careful, so on September 17, 2016 I will be heading for the Sawtooths, Grand Tetons and Yellowstone. Hooray for chemo! When I had first ordered my Elite II, I attempted to get on the Oliver website. No joy. Recently, I rediscovered the Oliver forums and here I am. So pleased to be able to be here. This rather longwinded introduction is by way of explaining how the Oliver forum has been very effective for me for the idea of hitting the road. Reading about or seeing other Oliver owners travels, experiences, tips, modifications, etc. has been very encouraging for me to begin to consider traveling again. Thank You! I live in Northern California (think wine, redwoods and Mendocino coast) a few miles from Highway 101 . The hull number for my Oliver is 101. Very fortuitous, I think, because heading North on 101 towards Eureka, Crescent City, and the Oregon and Washington coast is my favorite direction to leave from my home. I am so looking forward to being able go to the mountains in a few weeks. A few months ago I could barely go to the bathroom. Today, I can go much farther and I will. Wish me luck. Mendofrank
  7. I would be very interested for the October timeframe. Mendofrank with Hull No. 101
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