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  1. We'll be making it to the 2020 rally as well
  2. 2017 Ford F250 with tailgate step clears no problem
  3. If possible, would you mind identifying which crate you have that fits so nicely. When I look on Amazon, I see two sized a square and a rectangular, yours look rectangular but before I order I'd like to confirm. Thank you, John
  4. Is something like the attached just a really bad idea?
  5. Thank you, I appreciate the pointer, looks like spring under axle will not work...Ah well, I'll keep paying attention to the brake upgrades. :)
  6. John, Not trying to hijack this thread, but I think might be somewhat related to the topic as it is axle related. You'd started or participated in a thread about wanting to convert your axles from over the spring to under the spring. I'm wondering if you've looked any further into that and if so what did you learn? I'm interested in both these upgrades (raising the axle and the disk brake electric over hydraulic upgrade) but you're doing far more research into the topic than I have the time or skillset for so I'm awaiting what you figure out before pulling the trigger. Thanks, John
  7. Do you happen to know the part number/model number of the Kodiak brakes that will work with a 2017 Elite II?
  8. John, This is great information and I'm interested in everything on the list you showed. I'm not really a fisherman (although I do try sometimes), we do love exploring and it sounds like many of our interest intersect with yours. If you have more information that you'd like to post, I'm working on a map in Google maps where I'm trying to capture all the various locations people have talked about in one easy (yet crowded) map. If you'd like to see what I've got so far I'm happy to share it with you, I'd need your normal email so I can enter it in the share. Just let me know, Thanks, John
  9. Thanks Steve, I know you have the gear to drill the holes, I'll need to find someone...I appreciate the response and am considering the upgrade for all the reasons this thread has identified.
  10. Thanks John, The weigh-safe hitch I got has the three inch bar, i.e. fits into the 3" receiver on my truck. Any insights on this from you would be appreciated, it looks strong to me, but I'm new to the trailer towing environment and don't want to mess up. Thanks, John
  11. Steve, with the upgraded bulldog, did you get the bolt on or weld on version? I'm not able to do a weld on. From the product documentation it appears you need to drill them yourself as I don't see any holes in their drawings...I appreciate any feedback you may have on these solutions. Thanks, John
  12. I got a pair of those heavy rubber ones like Buzzy at Harbor Freight...for about $6 each if I'm remembering correctly.
  13. I too am interested in insight from anyone that has interest in the Lagun table, from the web, it looks like these types of tables can be adjusted up and down as well as rotated out of the way. If anyone has further insight it would be appreciated.
  14. I was interested in this solution as well, but once my wife saw it was a no go https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0HkWckwXmC4 So we're stuck with the stinky slinky or the macerator we have on there now.
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