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  1. My unit is considerably older than yours, but I suspect the valve is in the same location. Remove the curb side bedding, and open the forward large access door. (your unit likely has a smaller access on the side, which may (or may not) allow you to view the valve. Looking down into the compartment, you might see the water pump, some water lines, a HVAC flexible duct (mine is a shiny silver), and a bit further toward the rear, your water heater. Using a headlamp (or wife with a flashlight), gently lift the HVAC duct and look around underneath it. The valve should be there. It is small, and it is dark in there, so use the light. I promise that all the little things that seem so difficult, and even frustrating initially, become second nature after a time. Be sure to relax and enjoy the process.
  2. I live at a place called Snow Lake Shores. It is in North Central Mississippi. My little home is on the 200 (or so) acre lake and adjacent to the Holly Springs National Forest. While we have no exotic Wolves or Moose, we do have our share of wildlife. I We have lots of beaver-I enjoy sneaking up on them in a kayak, to see how close I can get before they submerge with a huge tail splash. I hear tales of a bobcat, and have seen tracks said to belong to one, though I have never seen the cat. I do see coyote, hawk, eagles, osprey, and lots of deer. I am told a group of pelican stopped off a week or so ago, though I did not see them. The patio door from my in-law suite is about 10 foot from the forest border. Here is what I saw just a few days ago when I walked in to the room. I sent this picture to the wildlife management office. They told me the deer is afflicted with an "arterial worm" impaction. It will survive though the condition is said to be very painful.
  3. I was worried about dumping the black tank too, my only previous experience watching Robin Williams in RV. It actually turned out to be "not that bad". I suppose I do have a certain tolerance, however, for "yuck", perhaps from my days as a combat medic. I won't belabor the excellent points brought out previously in this thread, but do have two suggestions that I did not see mentioned in my quick read. First, be certain you have a secure connection to the trailer. That connection comes under stress as you pull, push, and bend the hose. Don't let it come loose! Secondly, I saw on you-tube (and it made sense to me) that after dumping we should refill the black tank 10% with water. The water should help keep the material from mounding help to avoid future issues with smell and blockages. Many ways to put water into your black tank, but I would avoid using your fresh water hose? Happy dumping to you
  4. We crossed (North) at Montana after visiting Glacier National Park. The crossing was easy, with emphasis on wood and weapons. The agent was most interested in three things, our vehicle registration, our wood chunks for the grill, and whether we were carrying any weapons, including, specifically, bear spray. Oddly enough, we did not have a copy of our F150 registration. I typically drop that into my tax file when I buy tags for the year. He wondered how I could ever do that-"don't they check registration in Missississippi when you get pulled over?". I assured him that first, I seldom get pulled over, and secondly, even in Mississippi, the police have computers and check our tags before they ever approach. He questioned about whether there was any bark on 0ur wood chunks. While the wood was fairly barkless, the dogs were not. I think the agent got tired of hearing them and offered us a pass, but only after ascertaining that we had no weapons-including (specifically) bear spray. He must confiscate a lot of the spray-we had none. Crossing back in (further East) to North Dakota, we had such an eventless crossing that I do not even remember the event.
  5. Snowball's photo could well be of my unit, Hull 64. The two front jacks were installed by the previous owner at some point in response to his wife's complaint (same as your wife). I agree they are an eyesore. I agree that there is some degree of risk in having them sticking out from the frame. They DO, however, help to greatly decrease trailer movement as you walk about the diniang and bath areas. That said, we never bother to deploy them unless we are to be parked a week or greater. The little rocking in the Ollie as delivered by the factory, does not bother us.
  6. I have a standard Suburban water heater with zero instructions regarding turning the second valve for winterizing. I generally turn both when emptying the fresh tank, not knowing what the second is for, and not even remembering at that moment which is which.
  7. My unit, a 2015 Elite 2, has two valves on lines quite close together at the freshwater drain. If only one is the drain, what is the other?
  8. Hey, Mike! Maybe you can share that 15 second lesson that lets you hitch in 30 seconds. Alabama rally would be a great time to do it. Maybe we could find two "contestants" and have a hitch speed contest (not me). I consider it pretty easy to use the Anderson, but it generally takes me several minutes. Rarely, I have to readjust the chains.
  9. Mr and MS Moderators, I apologize in that this seems almost certain to have been discussed, but I have done several searches and drawn blanks on "planner", "trip planner", and a few other variations. Since acquiring my OTT, I have done my initial trip planning on Good Sam's trip planner. It is not perfect, but has transported us some 19,000 miles without getting too unrecoverably lost. I signed on this morning to plan a route for a trip I am taking in two days to find that Good Sam plans to take down its trip planner effective April 10th of this year. They make vague promises of replacing it "in the future". Which planner works for you guys? and why? I would like something that I can use on a large screen for planning, then transfer to a small screen for the trip. Wouldn't it be great if I could upload to my F-150 GPS? Let me know of a recommendation or two that you find effective. If this thread is out there, one of you
  10. Thanks to each of you who responded for the help with my connector. With your help and the grace of God, I was on #10 east by 9:30 am. Currently traveling from South Texas to South Carolina.
  11. I broke my connector. I THINK I plugged it in, but after possibly 400 miles dragging on the road there is not much left of the actual plug. The wires are still there (mostly). Wondering how to know which color wire goes to which connection after I get a new plug. Is there anything special about ours that a mechanic should know? I know I saw a diagram of the unit somewhere online but can’t find it just now.
  12. We are on a six week excursion in South Texas. The wife's reading light is inoperable and she misses it terribly. I was thinking I could simply pop off the end and replace the bulb with one from a lessor used light until I can find a new bulb. I see no place to open the unit. What am I missing? Oh, she does not want to change beds to solve the issue temporarily.
  13. Happened to us in Texas. We went away for the day, and left the bathroom sink dripping somewhat. By the time we got back to the site we had flooded the bath and upper hallway with water running out the upper hallway (at least it was clean water). A neighbor had noticed the water and turned off our water supply. From that day, to this, I turn off the water supply when leaving for an extended time.
  14. Looks to be a great trip! We will be doing somewhat the same, but starting at the MS section of your trip. We plan to extend a bit more west to include OR andall WA states. Once we complete this trip we will have all 50 states and most Canadian Provinces within our experience (not all in the Ollie-but many. Your route will bring you 13 miles from my home. See ya at the rally.
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