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  1. Yup, twice at Ft Stevens and Cape Disapointment is great also and you can pan for gold on the beach there these days with great results.
  2. Hi guys! We're Oregonians also, in Florence right now at the inlaws.
  3. I keep coming back to this thread because being a full timer, I just don't see the need for bigger. Sure I could have bought that Airstream 27fb or the 27' Bigfoot, but then the ease and mobility that we have now, is gone. Our friend that we travel with sometimes has the 27' Bigfoot, and it is nice, but he just can't go where we can with ours because that extra width and length really cut down on the places that he can boondock. Plus he has to have that larger 3/4 ton truck to pull his with, that we just don't need. The only thing that we would change is adding a 7cubic ft fridge option and that's it. For us, having the ice chest in the front to hold our drinks works just fine and with a different box in the front, one of the AC/DC ice chests is something that we have thought about. So, longer & wider? No thanks! Then we would need 2 trailers, one for the rare occasion that would sit in storage mostly and then the Olli that we live in daily :) Reed
  4. I agree, but these cabinets look to be better built then ours were last year with more space used. But I still see a lot of wasted space inside there that could really be used. Taking off the back and adding 2" to the length of the drawers looks feasible. The oversized magnets that I had to put in ours, holds our drawers securely in place on the road. These are custom built cabinetts, so seeing the new and improved style here in the pics do look a lot better then the 2017 style that many of us had to rebuild ourselves.
  5. Put RV Antifreeze down the P traps when storing it and you will be fine.
  6. Yep, the smoke was bad there John, we are house sitting Karen's mom's house for a month or so Florence, OR. We do love it here on the Oregon coast. The Blue Bucket was fun and I pulled some nice gold there when I had time at the end. I made some new friends, was given free reign on running material thru my friend Rick's trommel and pulled twice the gold out of a spot that I found over everyone else all summer. My last clean up, in the pic, had people shaking their heads because I had put others into that same spot before, and they were really happy, but I have a style that a lot of people in Eastern Oregon don't understand... So I pulled a lot more gold out of each clean up. Everyone was happy that we were there and it was fun, but being retired and volunteering is what I prefer these days :) Reed
  7. Mike, Was it the $129 total or was shipping extra? Thanks Reed
  8. So after replacing the whole valve and seal assembly, do you feel that just replacing the seals would have fixed the problem also? Reed
  9. Sorry, I've been gone for a bit. Both of the valves inside the storage compartments separate the tanks completely. Your black tank valve is not seating properly. This can be caused by a bad seal, but most likely the valve itself is not closing completely because of toilet paper or something has gotten stuck in the seals groove. So you have 2 choices... First, empty the black tank completely, then close the valve inside the storage compartment. Then open the front dinette storage door under the seat and see if the metal valve stem will push down any farther with your thumb. If it does, then you have found the problem and this can either be fixed with some research, or you can simply push the metal pin back into place each time to complete the valve seal and close it completely. After a year, ours won't close all of the way and I haven't looked for the problem yet under the bed, so we dump normally by pulling the handle in the storage compartment to open and close it. Then we push the pin down after and it seals just fine. There is an Allen screw, I think 3/32" on the pin, you can see if it can be adjusted like I did, but that didn't fix ours. I believe our cable has a problem under the bed, but closing it by hand isn't an issue for us right now and it doesn't leak at all. If your sewer hose is full, is supposed to be the indicator of a problem because that line is supposed to be empty after the valves at all times unless dumping waste. Reed
  10. Ok, it's been months since we posted or looked at the forum because we actually took a job... Lol. Now that things are almost back to normal, we are back. My tablet isn't dependable, it won't take pictures anymore so, we have a new welcome addition to our trailer, and it's a water softener! A new tablet is next. Soft water... Wow! We don't use it all of the time, just when we are in a really hard water area but it sure is nice! Reed https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00KVPNVJ6/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o05_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  11. Yup, no regrets, living full time in ours since February of last year, 2017. We did all of the research, 2 years worth, then bought new after having never seen one in person. If you want the best then you have found it. Reed
  12. Personally, the towel bar is crap... It falls off easily. It works OK for towels but one slight pull and down it goes. I've thought about changing it out but we don't use it anyway being that it puts a wet towel against your shoulder. The strong curtain rod over the door option that we bought works great and is securely bolted in place. I use it as a grab bar also and then we have drying clothes on hangers on it. So we don't use it for a curtain rod, but as a towel rod/ closet pole/ grab bar it is really a great addition.
  13. Anderson hitch?, no thanks, Anderson Levelers?, no thanks. The Blaylock's are better. Oliver should just dump Anderson and if they show up to the rally, make sure Ryan brings a dunk tank with a lot of baseballs.
  14. We carry this under the bed and just use the onboard pump. https://www.amazon.com/LIFESAVER-Liter-Capacity-Filtering-Dark/dp/B005FDCXL6/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1523387646&sr=8-1&keywords=lifesaver+systems+jerry+can&dpID=41glndEy8LL&preST=_SY300_QL70_&dpSrc=srch
  15. I just remove the propane cover, it's not a big deal. We had a bad ground on the front jack...
  16. Heck, if you guys run up thru Eastern Oregon, we're running an RV park just north of Huntington, OR... Karen wanted a job... Lol. Anyway, we're right off I84 at the Blue Bucket Mining Camp/ RV park South East of Baker, OR.
  17. The problem with the Bigfoot 25' for me, #1 is the bathroom... Yes they made it dry, but at the point of making it for tiny people only... Then, you need to modify the sewer outlet so that you can get to it without having to crawl under the trailer. We have 2 friends with the Bigfoot's and the larger fridge is really nice, along with being able to seat 4 people at the dining booth, but... Our Oliver is perfect, and we've been full-time now for over a year. It wouldn't be hard to do away with the microwave and put the 6 or 8 cu' fridge in. We run a pelican ice chest on the tongue box to give us more fridge space when needed or for drinks usually. We just moved to Eastern Oregon in our Olli and we are caretaking the LDMA Blue Bucket mining camp for the summer. Reed
  18. Why would you need an a/c tester when it tells you all of that on the built in surge protector? You either have a/c or you don't... and when you don't in these trailers it's usually the gfi under the dinette. Either that or the surge protector is already telling you why your power is shut off when you plug in. For me, a multimeter that allows me to check either a/c, d/c or ohms is the Only needed electronics tester because it does it all and most of the problems will be on the d/c side anyway. When the a/c power outlets go off, reset the gfi and unplug the blow drier :) Reed
  19. I have a good map system and a lot of the new maps eliminate roads that are still there and being used for whatever the usfw reasoning is... Just hit your search area on landmatters and then hit the "i" or info tab and click on the map to get a list of all of the maps available for .PDF download. I popped this one for you. Landmatters has a ton of books and info in the library also. https://geonames.usgs.gov/apex/f?p=262:18:0::NO:RP:P18_STATE%2CP18_SCALE%2CP18_MAP_NAME%2CP18_MAP_TYPE:WA,24000,42545,Historical Just click the "download topo maps" button like here. http://www.mylandmatters.org/Maps/Topo/GetMap Then zoom in, click the i, then the list opens. I have terabytes of maps also! Haha
  20. There are lots of good mapping programs out there these days... but still free, Google Maps and Google Earth along with Bing Maps always see me clearly and as a miner, I use them daily just for ease and quickness of use... I just don't see the need for another mapping program, but I have used many different good programs and apps. Another good free site is landmatters - http://www.mylandmatters.org Take the time and see all of the benefits of this site, learn their uses and enjoy them! http://www.mylandmatters.org/3D/RH2.html Reed
  21. No smiles alowed on this page now... Lol, I always liked the little smiley faces better then the x's myself but it works. So when you see an :) know that there is a smile here... Lol.
  22. Yup, Anita told me the same thing and I laughed then because I'm proactive myself and fix the problems while either filming the fix or taking pictures when needed. Oliver is waiting for us to film our exterior light fixture fix and that will come next month hopefully. It needs to be done in hot weather above 73° This jack thread has been hashed out over and over and some of you guys make to much of a big deal out of the simple things. They are called JACKS for a reason. And Oliver has used these "Screw Jacks" since the beginning. Karen and I are embarking on a new future here in Arizona now, and we will be here in Stanton for atleast a year. We thought about buying a larger trailer since we live full time in our Olli and started looking again, but there are no other trailers that even come close in comparrison to the quality that we love in our Oliver's. No other quality trailers provide electric jacks all around. Use some common sense, use either the jacks or jacks and blocks when needed. You have the best trailer that money can buy, so deal with it and quit sweating the small stuff. Jacking up a tire is simple highschool learning and if you can't figure it out, go back and take the beginning drivers education class again... :) Reed
  23. Or just add a touch more oil to it and don't worry about it, that's what I've done. Just tilt it a bit, top it off, and no worries. Reed
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