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  1. We have everything on auto-pay also but we just let the post office know that we will be gone and they throw it all into a box for us that we just pick up when we get home. If you let them know, they will hold it all for you
  2. As a California gold miner, camping is second nature to me. For years I didn't even use a tent because this is how I was taught. We'd take the bed roll off of the back of the horse at night and sit around the campfire just like in the old westerns, then roll over and sleep on the ground. It was a great way to be brought up and I did the same with my children when we went camping as they were growing up. I've had a bear try too push me off of my foam pad at night as he was snuggling up to me to stay warm... True story... Then when I was a boy scout, I woke up to another bear sniffing my face and we both smiled at each other, the bear and I. It was second nature for me to be in nature all of the time. Then in 2005 I inherited my first motorhome, a 32' Pace Arrow and it stayed down at the mining claim for the next 5 years. It was nice having an RV and always having to fix something but I gave it to a friend because just having it sit down at the mining claim wasn't doing it any good. Plus, I still love tent camping and I have a lot of great camping movies on YouTube about them and some of our mining adventures. So I'm used to staying in the woods and not paying for anything other then food. Today at 57, I spent last summer tent camping again and this is where I will be for the rest of my life, tent camping when possible anyway. My wife and I were in a car accident in 2013 and for a couple years it was really hard to put up a tent and then take it down when we were moving to a new area, so we bought a Casita and used it for a couple of years. Our Olli went on to the assembley line last week and being retired now we wanted a trailer that we can depend on year round. Here it is 1am and tonight I am sitting in another $150.00 a night hotel room because tomorrow I am towing another friends trailer home for her because her car blew up... As far as paying the most for a camping spot for the trailer, at Carpentaria State Beach in California, the 25' space was $80.00 a night for healthy people but with our disabled tag that we earned in the accident, it cost us $20 for the 1st two nights and then $40 for the next a week later. But we were on the beach at the Pacific Ocean and it was a great place. Being on the beach was great but being next to the water was even better at Emma Wood State Beach a campground just down the road. Having a trailer makes it easy to keep a home away from home. Now that retirement has set in we have started touring and so far have hit 13 States and many great places that we could call home even if it was for just a few days. Spending all of my days camping at the river while gold mining is a thing of the past now with all of the new laws here against mining anything in our country and my way of making a living ended in 2009 with California's ban on Gold Dredging, but my mining from days gone by has set me well enough that we can make ends meet and still do what we love to do - Travel. I still miss those days as a child just camping on the ground and sleeping with the bears but these days the real reason for having a trailer is to sleep in comfort, in your own bed at night, nice and warm. We've traded out the wood burning campfire these days for a propane campfire and it has honestly become a great piece of equipment in our arsenal. It's nice not having to find a place to stack half a cord of wood in the back of the truck with all of our gear, so today we have 2 auxiliary ports on the Olli just for that. Typing on a tablet is OK but tomorrow is a new day and we will be making the 7 hour drive home while towing our friends trailer for her, so I will check back and add some more next time ;) Reed
  3. I just went to the Truma webpage and they have an app already... I should have known... lol :) https://www.truma.com/us/en/home/index.php https://www.truma.com/us/en/press-events/truma-app-2016.php
  4. A Bluetooth thermostat would be just ok because you still need to be really close to use it. For a lot of cars these days we have apps that will start, stop, adjust the heat, etc. from your phone. It would be nice to have an app enabled device to turn the heat on after you've been gone all day. Just call it 15 minutes before you get back and have it back up to temp. Push another button to start the oven and dinner will be ready also... :) haha. This of course is coming from the guy who lives in a log cabin in the 100 acre wood with Winny the Poo bears sleeping on the porch, that doesn't use any cell phone let alone an app :)
  5. I'm so looking forward to attending an Ollie Rally. I hope it's in the spring!
  6. We love your graphics :) We ordered ours without and also plan on doing our own as Karen is an artist :) We will be adding a few more, thanks to you guys. The names on the side give you that personal touch... We pick ours up in March :) Thanks for all of the great details :) Reed Lukens
  7. Yes, I did delete the group I created after finding out that there is already one on Facebook.
  8. How awesome that they were able to accommodate all your requests!
  9. Hi everyone, We are so excited to have just ordered our new Ollie after recently selling our Casita. Decided to upgrade to the best! Our construction phase starts November 24th, 2016. I love Facebook and I loved being a part of the Casita Owner group so I decided to start a Oliver Owner Facebook group. I'm hoping it will grow with Ollie owners who want to share their adventures, photos, mods and become friends! Here is the link https://www.facebook.com/groups/OliverOwners/ if you would like to join my husband Reed and me.
  10. We recently, thoroughly researched the Airstream line. I have wanted one since I was a kid. Went and viewed them, talked to the sales reps even. Decided that they are cheaper for a reason. 1. They are not four season, huge for us 2. In every forum on Airstream's people complained about water damage, lot's of it! 3. People complained about mice getting into the trailers 4. Very low ground clearance. I got down on the floor and looked under there. No way would that work for us towing a trailer into our claim. 5. Dents, dents and more dents We have had to save longer to be able to afford the Oliver, but I feel it's worth it!
  11. Hello, Reed and I are excited to own our first Ollie. We currently have a 17' Casita and need a bit more room. We just finished placing our order today! An Elite ll King, Any advice on what add on's to buy or stay away from? Reed and Karen
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