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Found 2 results

  1. Just curious, is there anyone who purchased an Oliver, and regrets not purchasing a less expensive TT? I would assume the answer is no, but just curious. I have looked online at Escapes, but when I get ready, I am definitely leaning toward Ollie. Dwain
  2. Does anyone here know how to correct the problem of the fresh water tank filling and overflowing while hooked to city water only? It happened early on last March after taking delivery of our Legacy Elite. While hooked up to the city water connection the fresh water tank overflow drain was in full bloom. I called Jason and he instructed me to enter into the basement through the street side rear cushions and turn every valve a quarter turn back and forth. He said they sometimes stick. I also drained a few gallons of water from the tank by opening the valve which is in the same location (a slow process to say the least). The operation worked but was not something I wanted to do on a continuing basis. It did work but it happened again in Apalachicola while recovering from my quadriceps tendon rupture. We live in this trailer full-time and this is simply a pain in the you know what. On our way up to the Oliver factory to have some fiberglass repairs made and a couple other warranty issues performed last June, it happened again. While in Hohenwald Jason looked at it. The service men tried everything and could not figure out why it was doing it. Has anyone else had this problem? Surely there is an easy answer to a simple plumbing issue. The reason I am asking for help now is it just happened again yesterday in northern Michigan. Seems every instance I hook to city water this problem is going to occur. This time I shut off the city water faucet and will resort to using my fresh water tank and pump for my water needs. But this problem must be fixed and it appears I will have to be the one who corrects it. Somebody please help me. Shouldn't have an issue like this with a $60,000 trailer.
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