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Wow, but a new bumper sticker is truly unnecessary. Our forum is our own, and not moderated by the factory, first of all. Then..


Any forum is an accumulation of participants' experience and/ or opinion. A number of people here have given their experience and opinions.  Take it for wiw. Do your own research.  All of us did....


We all hope you enjoy your new trailer. Not trying to be snippy. Just trying to figure out what information you want....


All we have to offer is what has worked for us...


Thanks,  and good luck,


Just an fyi, in the sticky world, a couple  dealers tried to convince us in 2007 that we could tow a midsize fifth wheel with my little Silverado  1500. We knew then and now that it would have been at the  least a problem  At worst, a disaster.


Here, at the very least, you'll  get real world experience  from owners. I have a legacy 1, so I can't  help, except to say, read and learn. Truth is, most of us are a bit on the senior side of the line, and will steer you to a more conservative  solution...


Happy travels,



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2008 Ram 1500 4 × 4

2008 Oliver Elite, Hull #12

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"Any forum is an accumulation of participants’ experience and/ or opinion. A number of people here have given their experience and opinions."


I agree with that and have always understood that.


There is also a need for group cohesion as well.


I just wish that more people would take much greater care with their opinions, and I'm not talking about the sweetness of their words, as if they could be held accountable for those opinions.


The RV environment is complex and rapidly changing, and mis-information is rampant in the RV industry across all forums, mfgs, dealers, and repair facilities...based on my experience.


Best of luck for all of you who have invested in your RVs. Cheers.





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One item that Airstream owners hate is hail. I've seen the results of that combination and it was not pretty. This influenced my decision to buy OTT Hull 342.

Geronimo John

Tug:  2019 F-150 SuperCrew Lariat, 3.5L EcoBoost, Max Trailer Tow, FX-4, 4X4, Rear Locker




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This would not be helpful for you John, but for Airstream owners  there seems to be a possible fix for hailstorm damage "Leave your Airstream out in the sun on a clear day. Many small dents -- such as those caused by a hailstorm -- will disappear as the sun heats the skin of the trailer, causing it to expand until the dent is pushed back out."


Avoiding being caught in various kinds of inclement weather conditions, bumping into things, or being involved in an accident or rollover is probably a good idea for all trailer owners. I think some of the older trailers that used easily replaceable panels might be something worth lamenting.


Another lament is the industry emphasis on bling, rather than effective build quality controls...instead of the emphasis being on after delivery inspections.


AND providing timely and affordable repairs for RVs is a severe industry-wide weakness.


But then they might have to also pay the service technicians better and train them to be troubleshooters, not just dump and replace components.


Note: I'm an RVIA Registered service technician #100051 and very few techs have troubleshooting training and skills (factoid).

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