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Hooking up and Unhooking the Anderson

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Since I started this post some time back (maybe three months ago) I have found the Anderson very easy to use, actually easier then I ever thought it would be. Do note here, I do my chain hookup both ways depending on how I feel that day, sometimes I adjust with the nuts and other I just lift the trailer on the hitch, I guess it depends if I want to get down on one knee or not.





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I purchased the Anderson with my Oliver, however, once I upgraded my TV to a 2500 GMC diesel, I no longer use it. The Anderson performed fine with the older 1/2 ton, but makes little difference with the larger truck.  So - it turned into a wasted $$ spend. I think I used the thing about 3 times. It was a pain to use, well perhaps just more work.


I have seen them on several Oliver's, and noticed several in differing states of condition, one where the plastic housing had risen up about 1 inch.  I know Anderson has been good at replacing and updating, but it seems like its a constant rework.


For me, the larger TV is just so much more comfortable all the way around, using the Anderson may be needed in many cases, for me it just wasn't to be.


Mine is for sale  - cheap - if anyone is interested.....



Cindy,  Russell and  "Harley dog" , " Our 4 legged Chessie early warning/protection system".

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Mine is for sale – cheap – if anyone is interested…..







PM Sent


We will be passing through your area towing Ollie during October.




LE2 Tundra

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